Sausage PartyEnglish is a difficult language to master. Not only do you have to learn all of the basic grammar and seemingly nonsensical spelling rules, the language is constantly evolving, with more and more slang terms being thrown out into the world, tripping up unsuspecting English learners. Sometimes, you have to be careful. Very careful. Things like “meat market” or “hit that” can pose quite a problem if taken literally. Another phrase, “sausage party,” had one Twitter user confused at first, inspiring him to take to the internet to tell the Japanese speaking world about his newly learned English. This in turn caused the phrase to be retweeted over 3,000 times in 11 hours, sparked a lot of interesting comments from Japanese netizens, and inspired the creation of a new term for a party with a lot of girls.

Here is the Tweet that started it all:

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 1.00.28 AM“I was invited to a party by my American friend. I think he said, ‘Is it OK even if it’s a sausage party?’ It seems that sausage party = a party with a lot of guys. The English I can use has again increased.”

The Tweeter goes by the handle “Tamori” and has a self-reported perfect score of 400 on the TOIEC, an English-language test. He claims he can use English such as, “The Bible Belt is close, right? Aren’t there a lot of rednecks?” and is an avid studier of English slang. Tamori’s tweet has given rise to a flurry of comments from intrigued Twitter users:

“Isn’t that a dirty joke?!”

“Sausage party…that’s a bit suggestive…”

“Sausage (means p*nis)” Editor’s note: Thank you, Captain Obvious.

“I wonder what they call it in Germany.”

“Does that mean you can freely sample food? Ha ha!”

“’Sausage party’ is hip hop slang, isn’t it?”

Foreigner: Is it OK even if it’s a sausage party?
Me: Sausage party? Um, I can eat a lot of sausage?
Foreigner: Of course!

“So what do they call a party with a lot of girls? A doughnut party?”

Good job, Tamori. Not only do you possess an admiral inquisitiveness for the English language, you have inspired the people of Japan to create their own spin-off slang. We at RocketNews24 salute you, sir!

Source: Hamusoku, Twitter
Image: Wikipedia