rain coat

While it’s nothing unusual to read about some creep taking pictures up girls’ skirts, this story is of an entirely different disturbing nature.

Recently, an Internet user bought a raincoat on an online auction, and, upon receiving the raincoat, opened it up to find…the name of a girl’s high school written inside of it. Wondering if the raincoat had been stolen, the auction winner contacted police, which was when things started to get really strange.

After being contacted by the auction winner, the police were also suspicious and decided to do a little research on the seller of the raincoat, a certain Naoki Nakatani. The 30-year-old man from Hyogo Prefecture was arrested after it was discovered that he’d stolen 45 high school girls’ raincoats over the last 6 years. Police finished their investigation earlier this week, and the man has been charged with theft. The value of the stolen coats totalled 134,500 yen (about US$1,350). Nakatani admitted to the crimes and explained that he “had an interest in high school girls’ raincoats.”

▼”Hentai!!” (“Pervert!!”) was pretty much our response as well.


Almost 50 raincoats were found in Nakatani’s house, though police indicated that some of the coats were believed to be men’s. To steal the objects of his “interest,” it seems that Nakatani went to a local supermarket bicycle parking area and simply lifted the coats from the bike baskets. He is said to have done this 43 times since 2007.

Japanese Internet commenters did their best to creep us out even more.

I understand how he feels, but you can’t actually go out and do this.

My raincoat was stolen, too. I wonder if…

Well, there all different types of collectors.

If you rearrange the letters, “raincoat” become “ranco tai,” which means “arousal” or “excited” in the Hakata dialect.

Oh, my! Well, just be sure to keep an eye on your raincoat, folks! You never know who might be hoping to take it home with them.

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Image sources: Takuya_Melon (Twitter), Golden Times