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Architecture for Dogs is a collection of kennels and accessories for canines that are designed by many different architects, most of them Japanese. It is “a new medium, which makes dogs and their people happy” and features unique designs, all of which can be made at home. So if you’re looking for a dog stroller, Chihuahua bubble suit, or a cone that sits on top of your dog instead of going around his neck, you can check out all that and more in Tokyo this fall.

The gallery is open from October 25 to December 21 at TOTO Gallery Ma in Tokyo’s Minato Ward. It will be open from 11AM until 6PM and will be closed on Sundays, Mondays, and national holidays. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting and bizarre designs that will be on display.

▼  Mobile Home for Shiba by Toyo Ito for ShibaArchitecture for dogs9

▼  Pointed T by Hara Design Institute for Japanese Terrierarchitecture for dogs8

▼  Mount Pug by Kengo Kuma for Pugarchitecture for dogs7

▼  Papier Papillon by Shigeru Ban for Papillonarchitecture for dogs6

▼  Architecture for long-bodied short-legged dog by Atelier Bow-Wow for Dachshund Smootharchitecture for dogs5

▼  Chihuahua Cloud by Reiser + Uemoto for Chihuahuaarchitecture for dogs4

▼  This one doubles as a…leash

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 5.15.16 AM

▼  No dog, no life! by Sou Fujimoto for Boston Terrierarchitecture for dogs3

▼  Architecture for the Bichon Frise by Kazuyo Sejima for Bichon Frisearchitecture for dogs2

▼  Beagle House Interactive Dog House by MVRDV for Beaglearchitecture for dogs

Since the blueprints for each design are provided for free online at the Architecture for Dogs official website, anyone (with a high-level of crafting skills) can have a crazy dog house for their precious pooch. Just be sure to use some breathable fabric if you choose to make the Chihuahua Cloud…since it’s essentially a bag over your tiny dog’s head, the results could be disastrous if made incorrectly.

Source: Hatena Bookmark
Images: Architecture for dogs