Tokyo may have escaped with only minor damage compared to poor old Kyoto during yesterday’s powerful typhoon, but it would appear that there is at least one Twitter user who suffered losses of a truly horrific nature.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this young man may have lost up to 23,000 yen (US$230) as a result of the torrential rain. Well, if he’s the kind of person who would take offence at store staff recoiling in horror when he hands his cash over anyway.

“I completely ignored the fact that my wallet got wet during the storm yesterday, and as a result all of the money in it got stained red,” the Twitter user writes alongside his photo. “Trust me the money’s completely legit…”

Hmm, rather you than me, sir. I don’t think I’d especially like to try to pass that top 1,000-yen note off at my local 7-Eleven.

If there’s anything we can take from this unfortunate individual’s experience it is this: If you’re going to buy a cheap leather wallet and not take care of it, at the very least make sure it’s not satsujin “murder” red.

Source: Himajin Sokuhou