Ever found yourself curled up with a book long after the sun has set? When it’s time to switch on the reading light and get back to your story, it’s never easy to find that perfect position where you can see the pages and avoid the light shining directly into your face. Plus, with the growing threat of light pollution disrupting our internal clocks, a good night’s sleep is now that much harder to catch. But German designer Simon Frambach has an interestingly squishy solution!

Introducing Soft Light! It’s a light-weight, durable lamp that doubles as a pillow. The supple, polyurethane exterior conforms to whatever space you put it in, making it an easily organizable lighting fixture. When you’re done with it, just pack it up and out of the way.

Tired of being forced to spend inordinate amounts of time surfing the net instead of finishing off the newest best seller all because you have no room for a table lamp? Or perhaps you’re looking to free up some floor space by ditching your standing lamp? Soft Light is the ultimate portable lighting fixture in that you can plop it anywhere. Just shove it into some free space on your shelf or bookcase.

The cushion is warm to the touch without scorching the surface its resting on. It’s not only a comfortable place to rest your head, but a good alternative to having a bright light shine in your face. It could even revolutionize the pillow fighting industry!

Source: DDN Japan
Inset images: Simon Frambach