In the gradually blossoming trend of toilet-themed restaurants, now the people of Taiyuan City in Shanxi Province have one to call their very own. Having only opened in August of this year, it has been drawing capacity crowds of diners and can often be seen with a line going out the door. Much like a real restroom when in high demand…

Customers being interviewed by Chinanews described the alternative restaurant as “different,” “fun,” and “freaky.” Similar to other toilet-themed restaurants, diners sit on refurbished porcelain thrones adorned with turd-shaped cushions.

However, in contrast to a lot of other toilet restaurants’ artsy décor, this place has a homier feel to it with white tile walls, towel racks, and faucets jutting out of the walls. Of course, there are also dishes in the shapes of both Western and Eastern-style toilets filled with the various dishes which you can bet are pretty much all some shade of brown.

Plop! Here’s your steaming pile of chicken!

Toilet-themed restaurants have been around for at least seven years. Back in 2011, one of our reporters visited the popular toilet restaurant chain Modern Toilet in Taipei to lick their bowls clean.

It seems that most toilet restaurants can be found in China or Taiwan, but with a recent survey suggesting that 12 percent of Japanese people eat on the can there may just be a viable market here yet.

Source: Chinanews (Chinese) via Entabe (Japanese)

▼ “Excuse me, ma’am? Is something wrong with your giant pooh pillow?”

▼ “Why won’t this thing flush!?”