silhouetteHow high is your IQ? It is said that most people score between 85 to 114. Scores exceeding 140 are considered to be quite high, but you only get your “Genius” badge if you’ve managed 160 or more.

Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160. Issac Newton was scored at 190. Barack Obama is said to be at 130 while Madonna is a 140. Go figure. Some people consider IQ to be the best measurement of intelligence, while others think otherwise. Whichever it is, this list of fictional braniacs is sure to blow your mind.

Sōjirō Agata (SKET DANCE) – IQ 160agatasojiroFormer President of the Kaimei High School Student Council. The 19-year-old charmer’s pretty brain works at its best when scheming against the Sket Dan. An IQ of 160 is certainly above average, but still rather realistic. It wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine that there’s someone like Agata in your school, would it?

Hajime Kindaichi (Kindaichi Case Files) – IQ 180hajimekindaichiProtagonist of the popular Japanese mystery manga series, Kindaichi Case Files. In the series, Hajime Kindaichi, grandson of a renowned private detective, puts his genetic intelligence to use at numerous crime scenes, solving seemingly impossible murders.

Urumi Kanzaki (GTO) – IQ above 200urumikanzakiOne of the many problematic students protagonist, Eikichi Onizuka, has to deal with, the blonde beauty often uses her exceptional intellect to manipulate her teachers, posing difficult questions to make them look like fools in front of the whole class.

Shikamaru Nara (Naruto) – IQ above 200Shikamaru-Nara-shikamaru-18919716-1280-720Often found sleeping, or lying around watching the clouds roll by, Shikamaru is a highly skilled shinobi, and more surprisingly, a brilliant strategist and tactician even though his horrible grades in the Academy seem to suggest otherwise. Despite the lazy vibes he gives off, this guy’s IQ is on par with that of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Gihren Zabi (Gundam) – IQ 240gihrenzabiAs one of the leaders of the Principality of Zeon, Gihren Zabi uses his nifty brainwork and extraordinary oratory abilities to make his political speeches. SIEG ZEON!!

Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon) – IQ 300Sailor-Mercury-sailor-mercury-10493317-670-440Many of us watched the Sailor Moon series as a kid and remember Sailor Mercury as the kind, gentle, brainy girl who uses her water-elemental powers and super computer to defeat evil. Who knew she actually had an IQ of 300!

Arsène Lupin III (Lupin the Third) – IQ 300Arsene.Lupin.III.full.798490Known as the greatest thief in the world, Lupin III is able to swiftly steal valuable treasures even though he always makes his intentions to steal known beforehand. Although the cops have managed to lock him up a couple of times, the witty thief always manages to keep us on the edges of our seats by escaping from behind bars.

Mutsumi Hojo/Saburo (Keroro Gunso) – IQ 350Mutsumi77Mutsumi is the typical child prodigy who excels in everything from academics to sports to art, but also ends up outcast by the rest of the kids due to his smarts. As Kururu’s partner, he uses his cunning wits and gift in drawing by creating out of this world weapons and objects with his Reality Pen to help the Keroro Platoon in battle.

Kaito Kuroba/Phantom Thief Kid (Magic Kaito & Detective Conan) – IQ 400Kaito.Kid.full.345394A 17-year-old high school student who uses his handy skills in magic to take on the persona of the Phantom Thief Kid in order to reveal the truth behind the death of his father, the real Phantom Thief Kid.

Kars (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) – IQ 400ifOne of the Pillar Men, Kars’ Ultimate Life form endows him with superhuman strength, body transformation, ultrasonic hearing, and even immortality, among other things. With all his bizarre supernatural abilities, his IQ of 400 doesn’t seem to jump out at us that much any more.

Takeshi Hongo (Kamen Rider) – IQ 600hongo takeshiThe very first Kamen Rider in history, Takeshi Hongo was depicted as an exceptionally gifted college biochemistry student, who was kidnapped by the antagonists and forced to undergo a life changing procedure which turned him into what became known as the Kamen Rider. And no, that procedure did not give him any extra IQ points.

Alakazam (Pokémon) – IQ 5,000pokemonA psychic-type Pokémon with weak muscles but a gigantic brain that stores everything that it has experienced in its memory. Never knew IQ could be used like a computer hard-drive.

Alien Mephilas (Ultraman) – IQ above 10,000MephilasSeijinEp33An alien who came to Earth with the intention of saving his species, which was a dying race on his home planet. He initially hid in his ship and used illusions to trick humans into surrendering to him, but when his ship was attacked by the military, he had no choice but to fight against Ultraman, though in the midst of the fight it occurred to him that if he died on Earth he wouldn’t be able to save his species back home, so he surrendered and retreated.

Alien Chibu (Ultraseven) – IQ 50,000Chiburu4An alien who has the ability to disguise himself as an old man who sold toys. It was later discovered that he was planning to control the minds of the children who bought his toys, manipulating them into using his toys as real weapons to help him eliminate humans. A rather lackluster plan in spite of his impressive IQ.

Maeno (Gag Manga Biyori) – IQ 500 Million


Gag Manga Biyori is a series published by Shueisha, and is notorious for its random, out-of-this-world style that is rampant through its various plots. In this particular episode, “CD and Love -BLOOD-“, Maeno gets caught in the rain and runs into a CD shop seeking shelter. There he finds a dubious CD that claims to boost one’s mental power. He buys the CD and listens to it at home while studying for a test, and attains a level far beyond the knowledge of humans the very next day. Due to the random nature of the manga, we failed to track down the looks of this mystery man. However, his unbelievable intellectual capacity was too outrageous to be missed, even the guys at Naver Matome couldn’t resist ranking him in without an image of the super genius.

IQ of 500 million?! We’re speechless. That summarizes it. The only way to achieve stellar IQ is to either go through some biochemical process that turns us into a cyborg, become an alien, or try our luck on some strange CD and hope for the best.

Source: Naver Matome
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