When it comes to advertising, we can’t fully agree with the saying that “sex sells”, but we can’t deny the fact that a touch of sex appeal in commercials do have an effect in attracting the glances of many. Advertising and packaging featuring alluring ladies have been around since the 19th century, and have on many occasions sparked controversy, deliberately or not.

We’ve seen girls in skimpy outfits modeling for cars, sexy starlets promoting anything from perfume to apparel to even burgers. Just when we thought that such means of provocative advertising can no longer surprise us, some marketing geniuses from Poland gave us the kiss of death with their calendar featuring voluptuous beauties posing with coffins.

The Polish coffin maker, Lindner, has been running this bold marketing stunt since 2010, in attempt to lighten up the dead-serious attitude people have towards caskets, and at the same time, showcase some of their fine wood craft. Beautiful wood with beautiful women, not a very far-fetched idea, is it?



▼ Of course, when death meets sexy, we think of Marilyn Monroe.



▼ Uh… guess that means no goal?





“Goodbye, my love.”

▼ This babe is featured in 2014’s edition!

Unsurprisingly, the racy calendar was deemed inappropriate by religious communities in the country, standing firm that death and sex should not be placed together. With all due respect, we believe that death should be treated with solemnity regardless of religion, but to the guys at Lindner, the coffins are products that they put time and effort into completing. They’re facing the solemn boxes every day, it’s no wonder why they thought of sprucing up the image of their products.

What’s more, word is that 100% of sales revenue from these saucy calendars will be donated to charity. On top of that, they’re throwing in a free coffin-shaped pendant with the purchase of each copy. That’s a pretty good buy. If you know a friend who fancies coffin-loving sultry Polish ladies, a Lindner calendar is probably the best Christmas gift they can wish for!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Kalendarz Lindner