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As you can undoubtedly tell from the number of cat-related articles on our site, we’re quite fond of furry little felines here at RocketNews24. Now, while we firmly believe that “all cats are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator with certain undeniable charms”, we have to admit that a series of photos of uniquely marked cats found by a fellow reporter at our sister site Pouch was particularly delightful — so delightful, in fact, that we felt we had to introduce them here for all the cat lovers among our readers. So come in for a closer look, and get ready for a load of feline cute!

The pictures shared by Pouch reporter Cinnamon come from the Hungarian site OSZTOD, and all of them feature cats with adorably cool markings — each one a sight to thoroughly captivate any cat fan.

▼ See, cats can have heart too! Isn’t that just darling? The huge heart looks like it might even bring you some romantic luck.

cat 1 heart

▼ Another cat with a lucky-looking mark — see who’s hiding a lovely black heart right below his chin! Maybe it’s exactly where he likes to be stroked!

cat 2 heart

▼ This kitty appears to be carrying an animal on his back — a monkey to be exact. Now that’s the kind of monkey business we like to see!

cat 3 monkey

▼ How about this for a cat on a cat? Or two cats in one, should we say?

cat 4 cat

▼ Looking spiffy! The white handlebar moustache on this black-faced cat is both cute and amusing.

cat 5 handlebar

▼ Here’s another moustache-sporting cat, this one with a sharp look fit for the leader of a cat mob. Or, you know, Hitler.

cat 6 small moustache

▼ And what collection would be complete without Grumpy Cat!?

cat 7 bags

▼ Split right in the middle! Now that’s a coloring you don’t see very often.

cat 8 split

▼ A distinct triangle on the forehead gives this guy the impression of being a cat of very strong will.

cat 9 triangle

▼ See the “sad eye-brow” look on this kitty. You can almost imagine him saying, “Poor me! Give me some cat nibbles!”

cat 10 sad brow

So, how did you enjoy the photo gallery of unique looking cats? You may not always pay close attention to the color or markings on the cats around you, but if you look carefully, you may find some interesting designs and patterns. And even if you don’t, observing cats can never fail to be a pleasure, right? Yup, either way, cats definitely rule!

Original article by: Cinnamon
Source: OSZTOD (Hungarian) 
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