You know we can’t resisting sharing pictures of adorable animals, because we know you love them too! In today’s picture loot, we have some irresistibly cute otters ready to put a smile on your face, because cats and hamsters are too mainstream. Check out these cheeky splashing fellows!

Unlike with domestic pets such as cats and dogs, most of us don’t get to observe otters on a daily basis. We never knew otters were capable of such lively expressions, until these photographs came into sight!

▼ See no evil!0a053419


▼ Hear no evil!485fc90a

▼ Yoga? Piece of cake.c5f96961


▼ Come on, you wanna pick a fight with me?b0f7a26e


▼ Massage like this, to achieve a facial lift effect…45f700c0

▼Stop it, stop it! Your whiskers are tickling me!24ca257b

▼ LOL!! (That’s what the humans call it, right?)2265ac8f


▼ Argh… brain freeze!!3b63deed

▼ Sorry honey, had a drop too much to drink last night…7d29275b



▼Yeah, Halloween’s over, whatever. I ain’t handing over the pumpkin!
▼ May the humans “Like” this post…fae8fad9

They’re so full of zest, we had a fun time captioning these photos, but we’re sure you guys can come up with better captions than that! Give it a shot in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Hamster Sokuhou