Perhaps animals can’t talk like humans, but any animal lover would agree that their body language is as expressive as human speech. If you don’t have a pet, don’t judge us pet owners with that weird stare when we talk to our furkids. They speak to us, we swear! Just look at these cats here as shared by Chinese site Zhaizhai News–they’re asking for food! We just know it!

▼Whaddya eatin’? Gimme some!p5qapKackqWVqKs

▼ This tiny fish is my dinner? You must be joking.p5qapKaZkqWVqKo

▼ I’d like a cup of milk please.p5qapKCakqWVp6Q

▼ What do you mean we’ve run out of cat food…?p5qapKGckqWVp6Y

▼ Where’s my dinner? You’re taking way too long, human.p5qapKKakqWVp6k

▼ Oooh what’s the missy cooking? Looks yummy. Smells yummy. Must be yummy.p5qapKKdkqWVp6o

▼ Psst! Over here! Give me a bite of that will you?p5qapKKVkqWVp6c

▼ Come on, it’s five minutes past dinner time, I’m starving!p5qapKKXkqWVp6g

▼ How do you like this dinner arrangement, my beauty?p5qapKObkqWVqKM

▼ Hey, that’s my fish! Give it back!p5qapKOekqWVqKQ

▼ Food, food, food… where’s my food!p5qapKOWkqWVp6s

▼ Coffee again? I heard it’s bad for felines.p5qapKSakqWVqKY

▼ So hungry… no… energy… food… hurry!p5qapKSXkqWVqKU

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Jiecaoba, ASPCA, 22words, Mr. Bumpy Cat, Stoffer’s Site, Heart Touching Pictures, Wallnest