Winter driving can be pretty treacherous, and you can never be too careful when it comes to traversing snowy and ice-covered roads. The same can be said for mysterious videos or images lurking on the internet. I’m sure we’ve all learned the hard way after one of those horrifying faces pops out of a purported magic-eye picture or photo of a smiling baby.

If you scare easily, however, you might not want to watch the following video, which reminds Japanese drivers that it’s about time to fit winter tires, or else risk coming face to face with something rather nasty.

▼ “Winter roads are scary”

I have to admit, this video made me jump even though I suspected what was coming.

▼ “Did you fit your winter tires…?”


I think I better get my own car ready for the onslaught of snow that is looming outside as I type. What a clever reminder to get ready for winter!

While the first video might not be that scary for some, we can show you one that more accurately highlights the dangers of driving on winter roads.

Stay safe out there this winter!

Source: Hachimakikou via Karapia
Video and Images: YouTube, YouTube