Based on the number of results a Google search returns for “dating an idol,” we can only assume that more than a few people have a bubbly singer or two in their sights. After all, who wouldn’t want to date a young, cute, (sometimes) talented girl or guy?

While it might seem like a dream of pure folly, it turns out that dating an idol isn’t exactly impossible. It’s highly unlikely, for sure, but it’s more “a meteorite destroyed my car” and less “Godzilla ate my homework!” Here’s a few tips on how to (possibly) make your scandalous dreams a reality!

There are a few things to consider when trying to woo an idol. Perhaps the most important is that for many of them, there are rules against getting personal with fans. Part of an idol’s job is getting paid to do meet-and-greets, so we can’t imagine that their managers are keen on letting them give the “product” away for free, and if fans see their favorite idol in a relationship with someone else, and thus “unobtainable” they may lose interest–which means lost sales. Definitely not something any hopeful star wants to see happen.

So, even if you do get the idol of your dreams to go out with you, you might find that your time together is both limited and not entirely satisfactory. But if you’re still determined, here are a few bits of advice we found online based on how others have gotten close to their favorite pop stars.

We should also add that a lot of this comes from unverifiable sources and is for “educational” purposes only. It’s also kinda creepy. Please don’t be creepy, dear readers.

1 Attend events

Okay, this is kind of obvious since events are the number one place that idols spend time talking to their fans. Unfortunately, it’s also probably the place that they’re most closely watched and interactions are monitored, not to mention where competition for their attention is fiercest. But there are a few things you can do at events.

For example, it would help if you had a pretty face. As obvious as this may seem, remember that idol otaku don’t exactly have the best reputation for being handsome. When idols have quit and married their former-fan secret lover or even just had flings, the fans were almost always quite handsome.

But just showing up once in a while isn’t enough. You’ll also want to…


2 Give presents

Another tip we found online was presents. Again, idols obviously get a ton of presents, so you’ll need to find something small but thoughtful–and definitely don’t try to give them any stuffed animals! Since there’s a potential for teddy bears to have recording devices hidden inside, most idols will just have their managers destroy the plushies. Money is also no good–they’ll probably just have it returned to you, according to one anonymous idol, though it’s impossible to verify her testimony, so your mileage may vary. Instead, this unnamed songstress suggested chocolates, pretty macarons, or expensive accessories from designers like Louis Vuitton.

Now, how you give the present is actually quite important if you want to be remembered! The anonymous idol recommended introducing yourself and also being sure to include your name written down with the present. Do this enough times, and the idol of your eye will remember you–and maybe give you an opportunity to ask her out. Provided you’re happy to essentially buy your way into his or her consciousness, this can actually work. But don’t blow that opportunity! You’ll definitely need to…

3 Make sure you know how to speak well

Now, most of us mere mortals struggle to string sentences together when talking to people we find attractive. Even though we’ve all been speaking since we were children, there’s something about beautiful men and women that gives us the worst sort of performance anxiety.

Unfortunately, it seems that one of the things that got a fan an idol girlfriend was his impressive way with words. After all, would you want to go on a date with someone you knew would spend the entire time stammering and making fart noises with their mouth? Be confident, well-read and speak clearly. If you blurt out your words or rush through sentences – even if what you’re saying is quite moving – it has all the grace and style of baking someone a beautiful cake and then sliding it in their general direction and letting it topple over.

But maybe attending their events on a regular basis isn’t getting you anywhere and you rarely get a chance to chat? That’s when it’s time to change tactics.

4 Not quite stalking but…

Now, we do not encourage you, at all, to ever even consider stalking. It’s creepy, horrible, wrong, will likely get you arrested, and just plain stupid. That said, many suggest that your best chance at securing a with an idol is to “accidentally” bump into him or her out and about.

“But wait!” you cry, “Idols aren’t simply wandering around mixing with us common folk–are they?”

Well, let’s be honest here, probably not. But if you happen to get a job in an area where idols live or work–many idol groups have dorms–you’ll stand a better chance of running into her at random. Convenience stores and dry cleaners would probably be your best bet–everyone has to eat, right? Another thing to consider is that there aren’t quite as many rules for going to and from events, so you might have an opportunity to meet an idol before or after the show.

But changing jobs just in hopes of accidentally meeting the idol of your dreams is quite the long shot, not to mention a little desperate. Fortunately, there might be one more chance for you.


5 Get your drink on!

No, don’t get drunk and stagger up to your chosen idol smiling like a loon–we’re talking exclusive bars! “Now, wait a minute,” you might be thinking, “how can I get into an exclusive bar??” Well, that’s a good question without a very good answer. If you happen to have a friend who works in the news world or who is just plain rich, you might be able to get into one of these ultra-exclusive bars where members of Johnny’s groups and idols all hang out. Apparently these bars are mostly in Nishi-Azabu and Nakameguro.

If you’re really lucky, you might even be able to just smooth talk your way inside, we suppose, but we wouldn’t count on it. They tend to be very careful about who is allowed in.

One last thing to consider is…

6 Newer idols make more mistakes

Older or more experienced idols know better than to get involved with fans (usually). So if you’re hellbent on dating an idol, but don’t care too much about who the idol is, you might stand a better chance going after an upcoming idol or starlet who has only recently found fame. They won’t know the rules as well and they might be more willing to throw it all away for the right fan. One tip from online “experts” is that a newer idol will be much more grateful for your support, especially if you focus exclusively on her.

Well, that’s it for our idol-dating tips. In reality, you probably don’t have much of a chance, but there are more and more idols every day. So you might have more opportunities than you realize!

Though we might also recommend taking a good, hard look at your life if you’re that determined to date an idol…

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