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We’ve likely all read about Japan’s wonderful space-age toilets a few dozen times by now. They are indeed all kind of awesome, and there’s nothing quite like opening a stall door and finding a heated-seat, bidet-equipped, music-playing throne with an entire control panel of options to play with.

But did you know that, even when putting the toilets themselves aside, Japan is home to a multitude of positively mind-blowing public restrooms, with everything from rooms made to look like ski slopes and abandoned warehouses to bathrooms that can only be opened via secret switches?

Join us as we spend a penny and visit 11 of Japan’s most outrageous restrooms.

Starting us off on a high, this urinal situated in a Sapporo restroom gives gents something to look at while taking a tinkle. Check out that view!

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And at night-time, it’s positively exquisite! If we had access to this thing we’d be downing whole pints of beer water every few minutes just so we had an excuse to go make use of the facilities!

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Bringing us back to earth with a bump and an “ewww”, it’s Kanagawa Prefecture’s “Digital Kowloon Walled City. A place built to resemble the decaying location of the same name in Hong Kong, this Kawasaki City-based building is in fact an enormous amusement centre and, although designed to look positively filthy, is actually perfectly sanitary. We’re still not sure we’d want to spend too long in here, though…

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▼ “Abandon hope all ye who enter here…”

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Let’s get out of here and get some fresh air before we’re sick on the floor. (There again, would anyone notice?)

Next comes the wondrous garden that is the world’s most spacious restroom, which our very own reporter checked out last year. Essentially a big glass box (with a curtain for privacy) standing in the middle of a lush garden, itself out in the middle of nowhere, you can take comfort from the fact that even the loudest bottom burp will remain between you and the surrounding nature. Peace at last!

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Staying with the nature theme for a moment, this beautiful little bathroom featuring elements of a traditional Japanese garden allows plenty of natural light to pour in from above. You’re even given the choice between ultra-modern and old-school Japanese toilets. We just hope the makers don’t intend for both to be used at once…

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But who needs fake outdoors when down in sunny Okinawa your can enjoy the wind on your ween for real? Aaaah, feel that breeze!

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The Saitama Prefecture branch of the “Anata no Warehouse” video arcade chain that brought use the decidedly unflattering interpretation of Kowloon Wall City above, meanwhile, harbours a rather bizarre secret: Stand in front of middle urinal and all the lights will momentarily go out leaving a spotlight on you alone while mysterious music plays. What, you don’t suffer from stage fright do you!?

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Speaking of stage fright, how do you like the idea of answering the call of nature from atop a toilet in a room decorated to look like the crest of a ski slope? Nagano Prefecture’s Madarao Ski Resort makes sure that every part of your visit is winter sports-themed with snow-white floors and cubicle walls painted to resemble the surrounding ski slope and distant mountains. Position your skis as shown below for one of the best piste (sorry) experiences ever!

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What’s that, you say? You’d rather get some real exercise than feign doing so? Then give this toilet a try! Once you’ve completed your shameful dirty business, wash your hands and then hop on the exercise bike installed beside the toilet. Using good old-fashioned pedal power, you can start to water running to wash the bowl clean! Coupled with the fact that this is a squat toilet, you’re bound to have thighs of steel in no time!

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▼ “Pedal forward 20 times, back 10 times” to flush. Genius!

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Enjoy your lofty throne, your highness! Who needs fancy surroundings when your toilet is atop a tiny flight of stairs!?

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This pathway to this powder room paradise, meanwhile, is wonderfully Japanese, and even features a miniature wooden bridge to cross to reach the stalls.

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And finally, if all of these were either too gross or prim and proper for your tastes, how about a bathroom worthy of a superhero? In order to enter the bathroom in one ramen shop in Chiba Prefecture, patrons must push the correct book on the shelf to open the secret passage. Honestly, we’d be there all day playing with this thing!

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Don’t believe that something this awesome could possibly exist in a mere noodle shop? Check out the door in action in the following video!

We’re sure there are many other toilet treasures to be found all over Japan, so keep your eyes peeled and be sure to let us know if you’ve discovered anything especially magical!

Source: Naver Matome (Japanese)