Many Chinese companies like to end the year with a bang, rewarding their employees with bonuses before they enter a long break to celebrate the Lunar New Year. It is common for these bonuses to come in the form of cash, but there are also companies that reward their staff with gifts instead. Among them, some companies got a little too “creative” with their gifting, which triggered off the recent trending topic of “unusual bonuses” on Chinese websites.

How unusual are these bonuses? You be the judge.

1. A train ticket home + a long holiday
The Lunar New Year is a massive celebration in China, and the nation enjoys an official week-long holiday, though many companies shut down for ten days or longer. Due to the vast size of the country, it takes some people a couple of days just to travel back to their hometown, especially if their hometown is located in the more rural areas, thus the need for the lengthy holiday. One lucky netizen received “a train ticket and a 23-day spring break” as a year-end bonus. Sounds like his company put a lot of thought into their employees’ welfare when selecting their bonus gifts!

2. Coffin
We understand that funerals can be costly, but regardless of the company’s intention in giving away such an item, receiving a coffin is an ominous sign in every way we look at it!

3. Two bunches of fresh celery
This unusual gift raised the most responses out of Chinese netizens. Although this gift may be good for health, we can imagine that it might be a bother for people who live alone. That’s a lot of vegetables to eat! Some netizens even joked that “for the sake of two bunches of celery, you’ll need to spend money on a wok” to cook it.

4. Lottery tickets
How does a few million dollars sound for a year-end bonus? If you’re lucky enough, that is!

5. Late tickets
Special tickets that allows an employee to be excused if they turn up for work late. Definitely one of the most creative gift ideas we’ve seen around here. While they’re not of costly value, these tickets might be a treasure to people who work in companies that impose penalties on employees who come in late!

6. Laundry detergent + bleach
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Definitely a practical gift that would come in handy, but… perhaps we’re reading in between the lines, but this sounds like a hint that the management wants their staff to be more diligent with their laundry.

7. Toiletries (Soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, toilet rolls, etc.)
Imagine a man going home to his wife and children saying, “I received my year-end bonus today, it’s a pack of toilet rolls!”. This is one gift that would leave you wondering if you should laugh or cry. On the bright side, toiletries are daily items that anyone would need, so at least you’ll be able to put it to good use at once!

8. A live sheep
A real, living sheep. To kill or not to kill, that is the question.

While employees from generous companies are receiving wads of cash, iPads and even shiny new cars, it must be disappointing to receive things like toothpaste and vegetables. What’s the most unusual present you’ve ever received from your company?

Source: ETToday
Images: Perendale NZ, GMWCN, Doyo, Weihuati, The World of Chinese, DIY Trade, ETToday