It’s sure to happen to everybody at least once in their lives: You save up for months and spend far too much time planning and packing for that perfect trip with your family or significant other, only for unexpected inclement weather to come along and ruin it all.

At Tokyo Disney Resorts, not all is lost, even if you end up going on the worst snow day in 16 years of Tokyo history. Disney, after all, has a reputation to keep as the “most magical place on earth,” so the already tirelessly hospitable staff sometimes kick it into overdrive on bad weather days to give some consolation to guests.

In the case of this particularly snowy day, the apparently endlessly talented staff set about building snow sculptures everywhere – some elaborate, some cute, some touching – to give the miserably cold guests something to make their visit special. Sure, it looks like, by sheer coincidence, a hobbyist snow sculptor just happened to be working that day, and otherwise most of the sculptures are sort of “A for Effort” blobs vaguely resembling Disney characters, but it’s the thought that counts. Let’s take a look:

▼ First, a compilation of smaller sculptures hidden around the park:


▼ Staff put together some Mickey and Minnie snow creations for couples to go “aaw” at:



▼ Little Disney character approximations dotted the park everywhere:




▼ Finally, the Pièce de résistance – Cinderella’s castle built by a pretty good snow sculptor on hand:


Source: Hamster Sokuhou