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Sake (or nihonshu in Japanese) is Japan’s most famous native alcoholic beverage and once was the reigning king of alcohol sales in Japan. Since, the drink has fallen by the wayside as the bubbly, utterly delicious and infallible – says this totally unbiased author – beverage known as beer steamrolled in, flattening the competition even as wine and certain types of spirits agreeable to the Japanese palate also came around to swipe a piece of the pie. 

But if this Niigata sake theme park, where visitors can purchase a cup of sake for just 100 yen, has anything to say about it, sake sales may just find themselves back on top again, as the already much-talked about spot seems poised to explode in popularity, thanks in no small part, of course, to this RocketNews24 article you’re reading right now.

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At Ponshukan, the main attraction is a huge bank of sake dispensers operated by inserting 100 yen coins and your own little sake cup, which has led Japanese Netizens and media to label Ponshukan the “Sake Arcade.” The bank of dispensers consists of 95 Niigata native mainstays and 22 rotating “recommended” sake labels, for a head-spinning total of 117 choices. Meaning, should you conveniently have a liver transplant on standby and don’t have any plans the next day, you could try all of them for just 11,700 yen (US$117). What a bargain!

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Of course, in actuality, Ponshukan is a sake museum, so you can take in the many educational sights while drunk as a sailor. You can also taste test a variety of foods and condiments that go great with sake, and you can even buy some to take home for friends, family, or most likely yourself.

Also, you can take a bath in sake.

You read that right. You can take a sake bath. Your kids can also take a sake bath. There is no age limit. Please use that information responsibly.

You can access the official Ponshukan website here. Unfortunately, there’s no English available until after they notice the most important Japan news website of all time has done an English write-up about them.

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Source: Naver Matome
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