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Meet Marutaro, a pigmy hedgehog who lives in Japan with his hedgehog wife, Okomesan, and daughter, Kinoko. As you might be able to tell already, he isn’t any ordinary hedgehog. With 41,800 followers on Twitter and plenty more admirers around the web, Marutaro is the most famous hedgehog in the world.

Of course, Marutaro’s owner has a little bit to do with his fame, but look at that face, it sells itself.

Cute Japanese Hedgehog7

Thanks to their official Twitter account, Marutaro has taken over the internet in Japan. He even has his own email address at and a daily hedgehog calendar.

One of Marutaro’s favorite things to do is play dress-up:

Cute Japanese Hedgehog9

Cute Japanese Hedgehog10

Cute Japanese Hedgehog11

Cute Japanese Hedgehog13

Cute Japanese Hedgehog2

Cute Japanese Hedgehog3

Cute Japanese Hedgehog4

Cute Japanese Hedgehog15

Cute Japanese Hedgehog18

Cute Japanese Hedgehog20

Cute Japanese Hedgehog21

Cute Japanese Hedgehog24

Cute Japanese Hedgehog23


Marutaro’s owner also likes to create chalkboard scenes so they can have miniature hedgehog adventures…

Cute Japanese Hedgehog14


Cute Japanese Hedgehog19

Cute Japanese Hedgehog22



Cute Japanese Hedgehog28

Cute Japanese Hedgehog29

Marutaro is quite active, enjoying a variety of fun activities:

But when it comes down to it, he’s just an adorable little hedgehog, kicking back and loving life.

Cute Japanese Hedgehog12

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter (hedgehogdays)