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This, discerning people of the internet, is “Funny Sex,” a brand new restaurant located in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City. Featuring phallic food, booby-shaped stew pots, and more wieners than you could shake a sausage at, the joint is already receiving a lot attention online, and America’s CNN has included it on their list of must-see locations in the city.

Take a look behind the restaurant’s NSFW doors after the jump.

As this crazy video from our friends over at Tomo News shows, if you’re into inflatable members and silly aprons, there’s a lot of fun to be had at Funny Sex. And, providing you don’t mind your food being arranged to look like a gentleman’s love gland, the menu actually looks pretty tasty, too!

▼ Before eating, be sure to wash up properly – soap is dispensed via booby at this restaurant

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▼ An inflatable friend joins patrons at their table. Touching is not only permitted but encouraged here

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▼ And here’s one of the dishes! This one actually looks pretty norma–oh, wait, there’s a big rice penis slung across the plate…

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▼ Get your creamy stew from these luscious jugs

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▼ We have to admit, there’s a certain artistry to this dish

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Should that not have given you your fill of saucy shenanigans, here’s the video in full. Enjoy!

Source/screenshots: YouTube