It is common to see store assistants or sales representatives of apparel brands dressed in clothing from their own brand when they are on duty. This not only allows the staff to experience the fit and feel of their own products, it gives customers a view on what the clothes look like on a real moving human instead of a stiff mannequin. Lingerie makers, however, can’t expect their store assistants to parade around in undergarments. Or can they?

A Chinese woman who runs a lingerie shop was spotted posing and strutting about in her undies like a real-life mannequin for her store! More pictures after the break!

The “lingerie lady” was seen modelling the lingerie she sells at a marketplace in Fengrun District of Tangshan City, Hebei Province. Witnesses commented that the gutsy lady owner has beautiful looks and a hot bod, and she seemed to be totally at ease walking around in the skimpy undergarments even though many curious shoppers stopped to snap photos of her.





Not only did she gladly pose for the photos, she even got into some provocative and sexy poses to show off her taut body… and of course, the lingerie!





What’s even more shocking is that she sometimes openly changes into a different set of lingerie right on the spot, seemingly oblivious to the public eye.


Some netizens expressed their utmost respect for her attitude, saying that she has attained the highest level of retail service by prioritizing the customers’ shopping experience. However, due to her extraordinary guts, some commenters jokingly wondered if she ended up selling lingerie because she lost her job at a red-light district.

Whatever her reason is, we just hope she’s not selling the pieces that she wore!

Source: ETtoday
Images: Weibo