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For many men, make-up is basically magic in a bag. We usually know the effect it has, but it can often seem as mysterious as figuring out Facebook’s privacy settings. Of course, the art of cosmetics is not entirely lost on all men, as we’ve shown you before, but here’s one young man who knows exactly what he’s doing with a make-up kit.

Meet PurotanCH, a Niconico Douga and YouTuber who posts humorous videos of his adventures with make-up, and his surprisingly large biceps. Watch his nigh-magical transformation from sexy young man into cute high school girl below! And be sure to stick around for the best/worst miming of Frozen‘s “Let It Go” we’ve seen this week.


With a bit of a cult following on the Internet, this muscular gentleman entertains audiences with daily live streams and numerous videos uploaded to both YouTube and Niconico Douga. PurotanCH, who also goes by Protein, includes this interesting tidbit of information with his live stream schedule: Weekdays he appears in male form and on weekend nights he appears in female form. While you might be thinking it’s just a splash of cold water that causes his transformation like in Ranma 1/2, it turns out that it takes a bit more work to get PurotanCH at his prettiest. Earlier this year, the vlogger shows just how his transformation is done in a video that’s gotten over 37,000 views. Follow along below to see what it takes to get him all dolled up!

▼Here’s the 24-year-old PurtotanCH without any cosmetics.


▼First, he puts his hair up, to make the process easier.


▼Next, he puts on some BB Cream, saying he prefers this over foundation.


▼Cream applied! PurotanCH explains that he’s careful about how he uses the cream
otherwise he’ll be too white for the camera and end up looking like Bakatono.


▼Now it’s time for a little blush!


▼My, what rosy cheeks you have! We’re starting to see the high school girl
hiding inside, but it’s still a bit difficult to imagine.


▼With blush finished, it’s time for eyeliner and fake eyelashes.
Here he’s finished the left eye.




▼Adding some lip gloss to give them that plump, sexy look.


▼And here’s the final touch: A wig.


▼”Sorry for the armpit hair.” No apologies needed, Protein!


▼Transformation complete!


▼Pouting like a high school girl at purikura? Nailed it!


Of course, PurotanCH doesn’t just look the part–as he says at the end of the video, all that’s left after finishing the make-up is “the feeling.” And, as demonstrated around 7:41 in the video below, he’s very good at effecting the mannerisms of a high school girl.

Of course, when you’re as prolific of a vlogger as PurotanCH is, there’s bound to be at least one video of you mime-singing to a Disney song. It’s like an Internet rule or something. Here’s his, uh, masterful take on the song sweeping through Japan at the moment, “Let It Go” from Frozen.

As you may have guessed from Protein’s surprisingly large biceps, he also has an interest in body building! Below is a brief video of the vlogger demonstrating the best way to do crunches. Well, the best way in his opinion–we don’t want to start a body building flame war in the comments!

As we mentioned before, PurotanCH also live streams nearly every day, responding to viewer comments, through Niconico Douga. The stream we caught mostly featured him lounging in front of his computer discussing the finer point of flirting in Japan. If you’re looking for some good listening practice, though, these live streams (available here) would be a great way to hear some natural Japanese without the pressure of having to respond right away. You could even try asking him a question through the chat!

PurotanCH is also a fairly active Vine user, making excellent use of the six-second format with his personal brand of absurd humor, like this Attack on Titan video.

▼”Gasp! Could that be a Titan?”

We’re so inspired by PurotanCH that we’re thinking it’s time to get a Mr. Sato live stream set up. It might just be him eating massive quantities of fried food…but it’d still be better than whatever is on TV!

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Images: YouTube