Ask any cat lover and they’ll tell you cats just seem to have a mysterious magical power. Yes, it feels like you can fall under their spell simply by looking at them. And as cute as they are, cats certainly act like they know the power they have over us feeble humans, who are only too happy to be slaves to their charms.

But this particular cat whose picture has been attracting attention on the Internet, actually looks like he (or she, we unfortunately don’t know) could very well have supernatural powers — behold the “cat from the underworld” who looks like he has horns!

Sure, there’s something darkly fascinating about this cat with lovely blackish gray fur and golden eyes, but that’s not why people have been taking note of him. Take a good like at his face and head — what do you see? That’s right, he has long, white hairs sprouting from his ears, and by some quirky coincidence, the hairs have ended up looking amazingly like horns!

Hmm … the hairs really do have a distinct appearance, don’t they? We think the cat looks regal, and maybe even a little bit sexy because of the hairs. Yeah, we know it’s just hair, but the way it gives him the whole “demonic cat” look is kind of exciting.

▼Yup, it really looks like he has horns.
▼A closer look allows you to clearly see that the horns are just hairs.

Black cats (even without horns) may traditionally be associated with bad luck or witches, but it seems there are plenty of Internet users who have been enchanted with this cat with unique ear hair, responding with comments such as “What a beautiful looking cat!” or “I seriously want to have this cat!”  Maybe there really is something special about this devilish looking cat, but then, knowing how sneaky, whimsical and absolutely irresistible cats can be, it really wouldn’t be surprising if all of them were privy to some dark magic secrets! And we’d still love them anyway, wouldn’t we?

Source and photo: ETtoday (Chinese)
Original article by: Meg Sawai

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