Like much of the Northern Hemisphere, Japan is now entering into the deep summer and the unbearable heat and sunlight that come along with it. This means that it’s time again to remind people not to leave their loved ones – human or animal – inside the car on a hot day, as even over a relatively short period of time the temperature inside a vehicle can rise to lethal levels.

Electronics, too, have a particularly strong aversion to the summer heat, as proven by a car-related mishap reported on 2-channel yesterday. This technologically tragic tale doesn’t have a happy ending, but hopefully it will save others in the future from suffering a similar fate.

The original post was titled “When I left the iPhone inside the car” and contained this image followed by: “I’m sorry.”

“High Temperature: Please wait until the unit temperature drops”

Some readers were surprised by this warning screen, asking, “How many times have you had that happen? I’ve never seen that.” It seemed this message had already made an impact on other iPhone users, one of which wrote, “Arrgh! Mine’s locked in my car right now!” Then there’s also the interesting point that “the screen capture function still works.”

On the other hand, there were several who had encountered this warning screen and had some bad experiences to share. “I got this and it was bad,” wrote one netizen who went on to say that afterwards “it took a long time for apps to load (15 minutes) and now it gets hot right away.”

Another wrote, “Me too and I can’t use the camera any more. If you try to save the image then the battery drops. I don’t know why.”

Even though Apple is known for their generous customer service, it seems unlikely they would over look such user negligence and repair or replace your heat damaged device free of charge.

So don’t end up like these poor smartphone users. Take the time to slip your mobile device into a pocket or bag before getting out of the car. It could mean the difference between good battery life and sudden battery death.

While electronic devices can easily be replaced, please bear in mind that hot cars can be lethal for humans and animals. Never under any circumstances leave a child or an animal in a locked car during the summer months, even with the window cracked.

Source: Kinisoku (Japanese)