Just recently, we brought to you the sailor swimsuit which seemed to masterfully combine two well-loved fashion elements into one. Well, we’re happy to say that one of the reporters from our sister site Pouch have found more adorable swimwear to share with you, and this time, they come in some very “flowery” designs!

We’re not talking about ordinary flower prints here, though. These beautiful swimsuits are actually from Thailand, and we think you’ll understand why they’ve been selling extremely well online here in Japan once you see the amazing three-dimensional patterns which really look like flowers have blossomed all over the suits. So prepared to be dazzled by some eye-opening bikinis — plus, they have some adorable accessories to match the swimwear perfectly as well!

These flower swimsuits are from Chuan Pisamai, one of the Thai fashion brands currently featured on popular Japanese shopping site BUYMA. Having captured the hearts of Japanese shoppers with their unique designs, the line of swimwear has been selling so well, in fact, that at one point there was a waiting period of over one month for stock to become available!

As you can see from the pictures below, the swimsuits come in a variety of colors and different designs, from regular bikinis to frilly skirt-type bottoms. And at prices ranging roughly from 9,500 to 12,000 yen (US$93.50-$118), the bathing suits may not be exactly a bargain, but they’re certainly not exorbitantly priced, especially compared to what you may find at Japanese department stores.

▼Yes, they’re all covered with colorful flowers — it’s almost like someone cut out a piece of a flower field and magically pasted it on to the swimsuit!


▼Just how is a girl supposed to choose from all these adorable designs? Here’s one with bright pink and white flowers:


▼If you want more colors, here’s one with flowers in different pastel colors. And the frilly skirt is just too cute!


▼The pale pink here looks simply lovely against the white material of the swimsuit. It’s even a little reminiscent of the cherry blossoms we love so much here in Japan.


▼This one with a white on white color pattern seems to have the elegance of a wedding outfit.


▼They also have other blue-based colors as well ,which should look cool in the summer.


▼The design seen from the back is quite simple, without any decorations.


▼And here are just a few more shots for your viewing pleasure …



thai top

▼They even have adorable flower-adorned sunglasses (5,300 yen [$52]), which should go together perfectly with the swimsuits!

thai glasses

Well, we certainly think these swimsuits look fabulous — even our Pouch reporter, who admittedly isn’t into cutesy, girly fashion, was impressed enough by the gorgeous yet not over-the-top colors and designs that she says she’s seriously considering buying one for herself!

But that’s not all. BUYMA’s special page featuring Thai designers also includes cute fashion items, not just swimsuits, from other Thai brands as well.

▼How about this delicate-looking dress in pale and translucent colors (21,000 yen [$206.50]), from Thai fashion brand Love Me Tender?


▼These beautiful matching hats (13,500 yen [$133]) are also from Love Me Tender.


▼Here’s another dress (24,500 yen [$241]) from Love Me Tender with a bright pop look.


▼They also have plenty of attractive accessories like this Cancer Zodiac Ring (6,804 yen [$67]) from Sretsis. Rings for other zodiac signs are also available, although they may be higher priced than the Cancer ring.

So, if you’re looking for something a little bit different, you may want to take a look at what these Thai designers have on offer. Regardless of whether or not you find something you love and absolutely have to have, it’s bound to be a feast for the eyes. Enjoy!

Source and photos: BUYMA  (Japanese)
Original Article by: Anji Tabata © Pouch

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