One of the more disturbing stereotypes propagated about Japan is that of the “sexy geisha,” which can often be found around Halloween time in the form of unrealistically skimpy (and blatantly racist) outfits. Normally, we’d decry any version of these get-ups, but when they’re manufactured and sold in Japan, we find ourselves left scratching our heads.

Fortunately, Japanese Internet users also gave us something to smile about with their amused–and confused–comments.


The image above was found on Kinisoku, a website that compiles some of the better threads and comments found on 2channel, and it proclaims: “When it comes to summer, it’s all about yukata!! Show a different side of yourself.” Yukata, for those who are curious, are light garments for the summer months–and are often mistaken for kimono. Commonly worn at festivals or fireworks displays, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing wearers to look as flashy as they like.

At the bottom of the ad, which describes the history of yukata, is the message “So put on a yukata that interests you and head out to a summer festival or fireworks display!” The next image, though, leaves us wondering if maybe someone linked to the wrong page…

▼Or maybe this is a glimpse into some alternate porn-based reality.


The images were accompanied with a message from the original poster, perfectly capturing our thoughts. “People who would wear any of these to a festival or fireworks display…LOL!!

LOL, indeed, anonymous Internet user, LOL, indeed.

Another user provided a surprisingly insightful comment: “This is a chikan [pervert] paradise.

If you took a close look at the picture above, you may have already noticed that these are labeled as “cosplay yukata.” Which makes about as much sense as sexy geisha Halloween costumes, or as another user pointed out: “These are just cosplay yukata for sex!” This inspired the probably accurate response: “It’s because the main point isn’t the fireworks but the sex afterwards.” Or maybe that is the fireworks display?

One of the more straightforward commenters laid out a stark truth for us: “I saw some of these in an ‘adult video.’

Hey, these are a lot cheaper than I expected. But I don’t have anyone to wear one for me,” commented another user. Aw, don’t worry, buddy, you can still buy one and put it to good use!

In case the photo above doesn’t provide you with a clear image of the type of “yukata” available for all your cosplay needs, we selected a few to give you a better view of the details. For science! Or something…

▼We’re as confused as this model looks…

yukata (1)Yamada Mall (Blue Sky)

▼Exposed shoulders? Well, at least it’s unique.

yukata (2)Yamada Mall (Blue Sky)

▼Yeah, we’re pretty skeptical about the whole thing too.

yukata (3)Yamada Mall (Blue Sky)

▼Actually, we’re not sure how this, in any way, resembles a yukata…

yukata (4)Yamada Mall (Blue Sky)

▼Quick, someone send in the Chinese Photoshop Masters!

yukata (5)Yamada Mall (Blue Sky)

If you’re curious and want to, um, learn more about these “cospaly yukata,” just click the links under any of the photos. You can even buy some for yourself or your girlfriend! [Note: RocketNews24 is not responsible for any break-ups resulting from poor gift-giving choices.]

If you’re feeling brave, you could even try wearing one of these to the next festival you attend! Hmmm…maybe we should see if Mr. Sato is available…

Sources/images: Kinisoku, Yamada Mall