One of the great things about college is living in the dorms with all your friends and being able to walk down to the cafeteria for ready-made meals. It has all the convenience of living at home with your family, but without anyone telling you when to come home! Of course, that’s not to say that there were no rules–and one of the big ones is the prohibition of items that may cause fires, like hot-plates and toasters. As much as we all love grilled cheese sandwiches at 2 am, I think we can agree that it’s not exactly paranoid to worry that someone will forget to turn theirs off and start fire.

However one university in Sichuan is apparently a bit…zealous when it comes to enforcing the rules. They’ve even displayed the confiscated contraband on campus as a warning to would-be rule breakers. It turns out, though, that there was a good reason why so many students were cooking secretly in their rooms…

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Pictured above are some of the items that have apparently been confiscated from the dorms at the Southwest University for Nationalities located in Sichuan, China. If you’re thinking that’s an awful lot of rice cookers and electric kettles, well, we’d have to agree with you!

▼Or maybe it’s the laziest yard sale ever…

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The items were apparently confiscated as they are considered fire hazards–which we can kind of understand, except that we have a hard time imagining a rice cooker starting a fire. (Though maybe this is a case for the Mythbusters…)

According to Internet comments posted by the Shanghaiist, there may be significant cause to sympathize with the students–apparently many of them have resorted to cooking their own food due to how awful the cafeteria is. One student reportedly said that the food supplied by the school is plain awful and possibly even unsanitary, claiming to have been served undercooked chicken and what they describe as a mouthful of mud.

▼Suddenly those rice cookers look more valuable than gold!

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Of course, students across the world have been complaining about cafeteria food for as long as cafeterias have existed, but we’ve never gotten a mouthful of mud. That would probably have driven us to break the rules as well! That said, we do have to admit that preventing fires is pretty important, especially with dorms being home to so many people. Hopefully the university can work out a way to let the students have their cookware back at some point–or at least improve the cafeteria food! Unfortunately, it may not be so easy, since part of the problem seems to have to do with an old electrical system that can’t handle heavy loads caused by dozens of students cooking up a storm in their bedrooms.

In the meantime, the vending machines might be seeing some extra usage. We guess this might be a good time to open a restaurant across the street from the campus. Who wants to move to China and start a delivery business with us?

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Images: Weibo