What does one need in order to be a hero? Could it be a strong buff body, supernatural abilities, fancy gadgets or extraordinary intellect? Perhaps none of the above.

While adults in the world are busy fighting and hurting each other, a little girl in China’s Sichuan Province saved a friend from drowning with her bare hands and a strong passionate heart. Read her heroic tale after the jump!

Chinese news website reports that on 25 December last year, a six-year-old girl saved her friend from a possible tragedy after he had slipped and fallen into a manmade pond in the middle of winter.

Ziying Wang and Yaolong Wang are friends, neighbors and classmates. On that fateful day at approximately 5pm, after the duo had completed their homework, they left the house to play with another friend who lived nearby. They often played together, but on that day, their friend wasn’t home when they dropped by. Having no other option, they stopped by a horticultural field on their way home to play by themselves.

The children discovered a pond, and started entertaining themselves by throwing pebbles into the pond to create ripples. Just as things were getting fun, Yaolong stepped on some vegetation by the edge, slipped and fell into the pond.

▼ The pond in which Yaolong fell.


Seeing her friend slip into the water, Ziying immediately crouched down and stretched out a hand to get her friend. The boy struggled and managed to swim to the edge of the pond, grabbing on to his pal’s hand. Ziying held on to Yaolong’s hands with a firm grip, but even with all the strength her six-year-old body could muster, she couldn’t hoist her buddy out of the water. She shouted at the top of her lungs, hoping someone would come and get them, but no one came to their rescue.

Minutes ticked by and the temperature dropped as the sun began to set. Ziying’s voice had gone hoarse from all the shouting, and Yaolong could barely mumble a word as he fought to stay standing in the chest-deep freezing cold water.

At around 5:40pm, Ziying’s mother Xueping Li noticed that her daughter had not come home, and dropped by their neighbor’s house to find that Ziying was not there either. Finding it strange since the kids usually played within sight of their houses, she walked down the street looking for her girl. Just a few moments later, she heard the hoarse cries of her child, and hurriedly went in that direction to see Ziying kneeling by the pond holding on to Yaolong. The boy’s lips had gone purple and he showed no signs of response. She quickly hauled the boy out of the water, carried him in her arms and ran home as fast as she could, stumbling twice on her way back as she hurried.

The mothers of the two children immediately put Yaolong in a hot bath to warm him up and gave him some ginger tea, before sending him to the hospital. Thanks to Ziying’s quick response and perseverance, Yaolong survived the freezing crisis without much health concerns. The little heroine, however, had to endure muscle aches in her arms for the next couple of days. Madam Li commented that Ziying couldn’t even hold her rice bowl because her arms kept shaking.

When interviewed about her 40-minute life-saving experience, Ziying simply explained, “I just didn’t want to let him sink because he would die!

▼ The best friends are back to their energetic, happy selves.


On 5 January 2015, the town council awarded little Ziying and commended her for her heroic act. The Education Office of the town has also expressed their praise for the girl’s bravery, and has decided to direct more effort into safety education for the children.

As for Ziying, she was probably most delighted with her reward from her mom: a new set of clothes. Madam Li revealed that Ziying had asked for a new set of clothes for her birthday, which was on 18 December. She didn’t buy her the clothes back then, but after this incident, she immediately went shopping for them. Absolutely elated with her present, the young lady put on her new red jacket and excitedly ran out to play with Yaolong. The childhood sweethearts have grown even closer after the incident. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up like this couple a decade or two later!

Source: Newssc via ETToday
Images: Newssc, Weibo