The blue and black (or white and gold to some) dress took the Internet by storm recently, splitting netizens into two major factions: team blue-and-black and team white-and-gold. I, for one, thought it looked somewhat like discolored blue and gold.

While most people were still busy debating with friends over the color of the dress (which has already been revealed, by the way) or getting creeped out by how the dress “changed colors” right in front of their eyes, some creative netizens basically went all “Who cares what color that dress really is, let’s just create a fandom for it!” and created these blue-black-white-gold inspired illustrations!

If you haven’t got the slightest idea what this whole blue-black-white-gold dress controversy is about, you probably haven’t been online for the past couple of days.

▼ This is the much talked about image posted by Swiked on Tumblr that went viral over the past few days.



The actual color of the dress has been revealed to be blue and black, but no one really cares about that anymore because something more fascinating has surfaced over various social sharing networks – fanart inspired by the eye-tricking, mind-boggling dress!

Kantai Collection’s Kongou insists that it’s white and gold.

▼ Looks good either way.

▼ Looks even better when there’s both.



▼ And the fujoshi go wild.




Who would have thought Levi and Eren could be influenced by a dress? Guess this just goes to prove that artists are inspired by anything and everything!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Top image: Twitter (@_natsuuuuki_)