With pretty much everyone carrying a camera in their pocket these days, we’re able to capture everything from the hilarious to the terrifying right as it happens, and the footage almost always finds its way to YouTube for everyone else’s viewing pleasure.

Speaking of hilarious and terrifying, this video clip from China is a little bit of both.

On May 9 in Guizhou Province, China, a police choir group was rehearsing their performance for a competition. Everything was going well. with the members smartly dressed in their uniforms and singing their hearts out until, all of a sudden, the floor beneath them collapsed. 

Unfortunately the video of the incident cuts off just after the accident (presumably the cameraman does the decent thing and rushes to help instead of standing there gawking). While luckily it didn’t turn out to be a fatal incident, it does look like the choir fell a good few feet, and reports say that eight members of the group were injured with two needing to be taken to hospital.

▼Footage capturing the moment of the collapse.

▼The full video with the collapse happening at 2:40.

▼Chinese news segment on the accident.

Be careful out there – it seems like not even the ground we’re standing on is safe!

Top/featured image: YouTube (Weibo video)
Source: News 163, YouTube (Weibo video)
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