According to his online profile, when freelance illustrator Bill Mudron is not working on stuff that pays the bills, he “draws ridiculously nerdy stuff that he wants to hang on his walls but hasn’t been made yet by anyone else.” I don’t know about ridiculously nerdy, but he’s definitely not the only one who’s going to want to decorate with these Hayao Miyazaki-inspired illustrations in Japanese woodblock style.

Available through his website for US$20.00 per 10.5 X 15.25-inch print, the illustrations focus more on the worlds in which the stories take place than on the characters. But even without a googly-eyed Totoro front and center, Miyazaki fans will know at a glance which movie it is from and the tiny details will they’ll find on closer inspection will charm them even more.

▼From the description: “Ashitaka lays eyes on the Forest Spirit for the first time while tending to one of Lady Eboshi’s injured workers.”


▼”The spirits gather at Yubaba’s bathhouse.” Can you spot No-Face?Spirited_Away1

▼ “Lupin takes a smoke break while waiting for Jigen to change the tire on their ill-fated Fiat 500.”Cagliostro1

▼ “Serving as a waystation for air pirates in the Adriatic Sea, The Hotel Adriano is also a favorite retreat for one the world’s best pilots – Porco Rosso.”Porco_Rosso1

▼ “Kiki and Jiji takes a break from minding the bakery (and taking delivery orders) to watch the gulls and planes soar by.”Kiki1

▼ “Satsuki and Mei hanging out with Totoro & co. atop the freshly sprouted camphor tree in their garden.”Totoro1

▼There’s that googly-eyed Totoro!


If one or all of these take your fancy, better order fast, as Mudron is making a limited number of each print.

But not to worry if you miss out, he’s got lots of other options for the interior decorating otaku.

▼Like world maps from old video games.



▼ The sadly already sold out Baywheux Tapestry


▼ Even a poster of the original Star Wars action figures, including the Millennium Falcon (drool)!


Basically, there’s something for damn near every fandom, so go check it out and get your geek on.

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Art reprinted with express permission of Bill Mudron