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Isn’t this the sort of crucial skill we all should have?

Here at RocketNews24, we like a good lifehack as much as the next person. So when P.K. Sanjun, one of our Japanese-language reporters, offered to share his latest bit of mind-blowing wisdom with us, we were all ears.

“Hey guys,” he started, “you know how sometimes you really need a bow or ribbon, but you don’t have one handy?”

We assured him that we’d never found ourselves in this situation, but still, he pressed on.

“Well, to get out of that jam, all you really need is a pair of panties!”

While we racked our brains trying to think of the last time we ever found ourselves short of bows but with an abundance of undies, P.K. grabbed a pair of panties (which he…apparently always keeps within arm’s reach?) and demonstrated this lingerie-based do-it-yourself arts and crafts project.

First, you’ll need to spread the panties out smoothly. Since you’ll require a certain minimum amount of material to work with, regular panties, as opposed to string or T-back versions, tend to work best.

▼ Kneeling respectfully before the panties before starting, as P.K. is doing here, is optional, but recommended.

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Keeping the center line free of creases, fold the panties back onto themselves like P.K. does in the video.

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Turn the panties over, and fold them onto themselves once again.

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Keep repeating the process, and the material should start to gather in the center of the panties. Once you’ve got enough, make two final tucks to keep the center portion from coming undone.

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Taking care not to tug on the center portion and undo all your hard work, gently arrange either end of the bundle to give the corners of the bow a charming, girlish shape.

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“It’s a little tricky at first, but after about a dozen tries, you’ll get the hang of it!” P.K. happily told us. Then, to prove his claim, he quickly whipped up two more lovingly tied pantie bows.

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Having never really thought about the potential existence of panty ribbons, we weren’t sure exactly what to do with them. It turns out, though, that P.K.’s enthusiasm for pantie ribbon wardrobe coordination matches his passion for making the unusual accessories. “You could tie up a ponytail in one, or attach it to the side of your head like a beret. Or, if you want a more masculine look, you could use one like a bowtie!”

▼ According to P.K., the options are limitless, especially if you’re using different pantie prints to match different outfits.

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▼ By the way, Seiji, seen here modeling the bow tie, is still looking for a girlfriend.

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Thanks for the lesson and fashion tips, P.K.! And here we thought it was only bras that we could make useful stuff out of.

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