No wonder Shibuya is such a pretty place; everyone gets so much beauty sleep.

Spotting Japanese people sleeping in random places isn’t an uncommon occurrence. A good portion of the population seems to get most of its sleep on the trains, and even catching a nap in the bathroom isn’t too out of the ordinary.

But every now and then you’ll catch someone sleeping out in public, as if they just couldn’t make the last bit of their journey home to their beds. This is especially common in the cities, and so much so that one Instagram account, appropriately dubbed shibuyameltdown, has built up a following of over 30,000 followers just by posting pictures of people sleeping in Shibuya.

Here’s a sampling of their sleepy snapshots:

Having the umbrella ready shows that this guy is an advanced street-sleeper.

Protip: scooters also function as portable beds.

Reverse scooter boy meltdown via @jenonomerts

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There is no greater bromance than a shared sidewalk for sleeping.

We’ve seen train sleeping before, but this guy is on another level.

Not sure how that is possibly comfortable,
but I suppose it makes sense because…

…it seems people are trained from a young age to be able to do it.

Salaryman in training meltdown

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▼ Maybe McDonald’s should add “shut eye” to their menu!

4x meltdown via @codielatour

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▼ “No, we’re just testing it. Honest!”

Toku hands meltdown

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If you want to see more sleeping Shibuyans, be sure to folow shibuyammetldown on Instagram. We have to ask though, what’s got all these people sleeping? Is there something in the water? Oh, yes, that’s right; there is.

Source/featured image: shibuyameltdown