The menswear line is inspired by kimono designs and features (tasteful) recreations of famous erotic woodblock prints.

Issey Miyake’s newest lineup of menswear may be the most Safe for Work way to openly display erotica on your person.

The venerated designer’s “Haru” line, set to go on sale in November, is made up of boldly patterned pants and shirts that are also adorned with recreations of famous erotic woodblock prints – basically the closest thing the 19th century Japanese got to nudie mags – including Hokusai‘s infamous “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife.”



Each garment is heavily inspired by kimono and yukata design, featuring long, loose shorts and pants, and baggy, flowing shirts with flaps in the back that recall the ushiro-migoro back panels of traditional kimono.

Other than Hokusai’s tentacle porn masterpiece, the line also makes use of the works of other famous ukiyo-e woodblock artists like Utamaro and Suzuki Harunobu, both of whom also supplemented more traditional prints with shunga (basically, old-timey porn) images.



More details about the clothing line are waiting to be unveiled later on in October at the “Haru” official website and there could be more designs than just the three currently revealed. More importantly, there’s no word yet on the price point for these beauties, but, suffice to say, given Issey Miyaki’s reputation in the world of high fashion, you will probably need to mortgage your home to get your hands on one.

Source: Japaaan
Images: Homme Plisse Issey Miyaki via Japaaan