“Here, kitty, kitty- oh. I wasn’t expecting that.”

Cats. They’re graceful. They’re stealthy. They’re beautiful. They’re also totally weird. The Internet has long documented strange and funny cat behaviors, and it’s not unusual for people all around the world to fall in love with them, no matter how simple they are.

Case in point, Japanese Twitter user @soregasiya uploaded a video of just his hand and his cat a few days ago. It didn’t take long for it to spread like wildfire over the Japanese Twitterverse. Watch the original video below to see his cat’s super cute reaction to his beckoning hand.

▼ In this episode of Weird Cat Behaviors, it’s Human versus Cat.
Human decides to play with Cat.


▼ When Human twitches his hand, hoping to ignite Cat’s
hunting instincts, Cat does something rather unexpected.


▼ Yep, he buries his face into his owner’s hand. Aww!


At first, we weren’t sure why this cat came to the conclusion that “Hand + Beckon = Face Grab,” but we do know that it’s pretty adorable. Perhaps the cat finds comfort in the firmness of his owner’s grip. According to the original uploader of the video, the cat moves back and forth when faced with more than one Grabby Hand, which itself sounds adorable and we’d like to see a video of.

The video has garnered a lot of attention and replies from other cat and pet owners around Japan. Here’s what some other Twitter users had to say:

“It’s like a dog, haha.”
“My rabbit does this, too!”
“Catch and release! Cat and fluff.”
“My cats do this, too. One of them will put his face in my hand whether I’m sitting or standing. The other has bee-lined for my hand since it was a kitten. Apparently, it means they like the smell of your palms.”

Well, there you have it. Who knew sweaty palms could attract cats? Although if carpets and sewers can do it, then why not?

Does your cat share this habit? What other strange behaviors have you noticed in your cats? We’d love to know!

Sources: Twitter/@soregasiya via Togech
Images: Twitter/@soregasiya