Pikachu is in the clear, but the pro football player suspects one of his anime co-stars might be guilty of the crime.

It’s been a good month for professional football player Tom Brady. On February 5, the 39-year-old quarterback’s New England Patriots pulled off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, scoring the final 31 points of the game to defeat the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 34 to 28.

The win gave Brady his fifth championship, a feat no other quarterback, and only one other player, has ever accomplished. However, there has been one blemish on Brady’s otherwise picture-perfect February. Shortly after the conclusion of the Super Bowl, someone stole the jersey Brady had worn during the game. After weeks of searching, it’s yet to turn up, but Brady is still hoping to recover the significant piece of sports memorabilia.

While Brady’s ability to read defensive coverages and throw tight spirals is already well-known, he’s now putting his deductive skills to work by apparently conducting his own investigation. The quarterback has even set up a special bulletin board to keep track of all the likely suspects, and he recently shared a photo of his working theories through his Instagram account.

Looking at the board, those who watched the Super Bowl might recognize Brady’s teammate, wide receiver Julian Edelman, and Lady Gaga, who gave a musical performance during halftime. Since both were at the stadium during the game, they can’t be entirely ruled out. Brady realizes, though, that a crime of this magnitude means the search has to be expanded to the realms of fiction as well, and so on the left side of the board he’s got such covetous characters as Lord of the Rings’ Gollum and Game of Thrones’ Pyat Pree, whom he lists as simply “Guy Who Stole Khaleesi’s Egg.”

But there’s one more suspect lumped in with Gollum and Pyat Pree in the group that Brady labels as “can’t be trusted.” Right below the two fantasy antagonists on the suspect board is a picture that should be familiar to anime fans, since it’s a shot of Pokémon’s Gary Oak.

Given the Pokémon Trainer’s penchant for self-centered behavior, plus the fact that “Gary Oak” is technically an alias (his original name is Shigeru Okido), we wouldn’t put jersey theft past him. Further arousing Brady’s suspicion is Gary’s fondness for the phrase “Smell ya later,” which the quarterback seems to think identifies him as a “bad kid.”

We wish Brady the best of luck in his ongoing investigation. At the same time, since some criminals react violently when confronted about their wrongdoings, we recommend that he make sure his stable of Pokémon is in top fighting form before demanding that Gary return his property.

Source: Instagram/tombrady
Featured image: Instagram/tombrady

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