You won’t find a more representative or whimsical interpretation of life in Tokyo.

Living in a new country can be extremely difficult as it’s hard to navigate the intricacies of everyday life that are unique to each location. There are often cultural differences, different kinds of food and sometimes completely unfamiliar weather that can make your life miserable. Usually all of those difficulties come crashing down on you after the initial high of seeing and experiencing brand new things wears off. A lot of people call the phenomenon “culture shock”, and the general consensus is that it comes and goes in a wave.

One artist decided to ride that creative wave as he created an animated GIF every day while living in Tokyo for a whole month. Each day James “Jim” Curran would spend between six to eight hours crafting a perfect loop of animation that expertly captured an aspect of his daily life. His style and creativity really shine through as Jim features some really iconic Tokyo moments that anyone would recognize if they’ve lived in Tokyo, or even just anywhere in Japan.

▼  Jimzilla is rampaging through the streets!

▼ When the sushi train is coming, it’s time to eat!

Tokyo Gifathon Day 2 Eating flying sushi. #TokyoGifathon

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▼ If only a new bowl of ramen appeared in front of us this quickly.

Tokyo Gifathon Day 6 Ramen noodle refills. #TokyoGifathon

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▼ Powerhouse artist, Yayoi Kusama, inspired these rotating views.

Tokyo Gifathon Day 8 Yayoi Kusama exhibition. #TokyoGifathon

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▼ Imagining life as a train pusher can feel pretty repetitive.

Tokyo Gifathon Day 20 Trains. #TokyoGifathon

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Working under his company, Slim Jim Studios, this is actually the third city that he has created a-GIF-a-day for, having previously lived in New York and Los Angeles. His Tokyo-themed GIFs might be his best work yet, as each one we watch puts a distinct smile on our face that doesn’t seem to go away.

▼ Exactly the way we feel when we “accidently” push one of the random buttons on the toilet.

Tokyo Gifathon Day 22 Toilets. #TokyoGifathon

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▼ The Jimtoros are coming!

Tokyo Gifathon Day 24 Ghibli Museum. #TokyoGifathon

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▼ These endless steps are how you might feel if you decided to climb Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Gifathon Day 25 Tokyo Tower. #TokyoGifathon

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▼ A little bit of Rainbow Road on Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge.

Tokyo Gifathon Day 27 Rainbow Bridge. #TokyoGifathon

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▼ Fly Gundam, fly!

Tokyo Gifathon Day 30 I made a new animation every day for 30 days in Tokyo. #TokyoGifathon

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There are plenty more magical GIFs to be found on his website and various forms of social media. Be sure to check out his commercial projects as well, as he adds his playful flair to companies like Target and Disney. If there appears to be too much action going on in these GIFs, you can always calmly enter a Ghibli-like world with these whimsical animations

Source: Vice
Featured image: Instagram/SlimJimStudios