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Bun flopper traumatizes Japanese netizens, everyone finally just throws their hands up

You’d think people would have gotten the hint after the ice cream freezer diver got himself fired and his local Lawson convenience store shut down. But some people just need to learn their lessons the hard way.

After all, it wouldn’t be a wasted youth if you didn’t waste it, right? And, you have to admit, experience is the best teacher! (Don’t tell Ms. Yamaguchi we said that!)

So, just what is this Burger King employee taking a dive into?

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Choose a normal name for your baby…OR ELSE!

Dealing with Japanese kanji names is one of the most difficult parts of learning the language. With a multitude of ways to both write and read names, it can be a particularly vexing problem for non-native speakers.

But take heart, Japanese language learners! Turns out you’re not the only ones! Some unusual names are so troublesome that one ICU doctor has called on people to use normal names…if only to save their lives.

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Love Shot: Too much fun for one mouth

Okay, we get it, marketing is hard. You need to create buzz, get people’s attention, deal with competing products, and carefully research your target market. And on top of all that, you have to have a product people actually want to buy. Like we said: it’s hard!

Or you could just post pictures of two women sucking on something phallic and call it a day. That would probably work, too.

The makers of Love Shot, an alcoholic jelly drink, decided to go with option two, as you can clearly see from our not-quite-safe-for-work picture above.

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What do kids love more than porn? Facebook and 2channel!

Kaspersky Lab, the Russian computer security company, has recently released detailed statistics about what kids are attempting to access on their parents’ computers.

Surprisingly enough, the number one thing kids worldwide were looking for wasn’t pornography!

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Wife throws out husband’s anime collection, he demands a divorce

Anime and manga fans outside of Japan tend to view the country as being a safe haven for otaku, assuming that everyone loves the stuff. And while comics and cartoons certainly are a popular and essential part of mainstream Japanese media, it doesn’t mean everyone in Japan approves.

Here’s one story detailing the marital problems that have befallen a family whose wife simply couldn’t understand her otaku husband’s interests.

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Newly married man discovers that his wife is working at a cabaret club, asks the Internet for advice

The Internet is great for a lot of things like reading awesome Japanese news sites, finding pictures of adorable animals, and learning some nifty cooking skills. These are all things you can and should do on the wonderful World Wide Web!

But asking for marriage advice from complete strangers when you find out that your wife is working a “night” job? Um, weeeeellll…

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“But…why?” Leotard-wearing Twitter celeb arrested in Machida

Last time we checked, wearing a leotard in public wasn’t against the law.

Unfortunately for famed Twitter user “Straddling a potty in a red leotard,” that didn’t stop him from getting picked up by the cops for questioning in Tokyo last Sunday.

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Sorry, studs, you’re just too handsome for your own good!

It seems like every time someone tries to explain what women really want, we end up with an answer that is neither true nor even coherent. Or perhaps I just ask the wrong people, but I could have sworn Mr. Sato would be in the know.

Anyway, this time I think we at least have some good, solid information on what women don’t like: handsome men! (Ah-ha! No wonder I had so much trouble getting dates in high school.)

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‘Thar she blows!’ Bored JSDF soldiers misuse air compressor

Messing around at work is an invitation for trouble. Especially if you and your buddy happen to work for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

It has been revealed that, at the beginning of June, two Japanese soldiers were using an air compress to literally blow air up each other’s butts. Yes: at work.

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Gamers’ paradise: 2/3 of Japanese citizens over 50 to live alone by 2035

The idea of living alone in Japan is a relatively new one. In the past, as with many countries, people tended to live with their families–either their parents or their children and spouses–for almost their entire lives. Obviously, the college years were a time for people to get out of the house, as it were, but even then, many students opted to live at home and commute to school. After all, it’s pretty hard to say “no” to a home-cooked meal, little or no rent and clean laundry.

But that trend has been steadily reversing itself as Japan becomes more and more a society of single-person households. (Can we blame them?) In fact, it is estimated that by 2035, two thirds of people over the age of 50 will be living alone.

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“Despite all this, I still love her!” says Chinese man demembered by wife

No marriage is perfect, we imagine. Sometimes, little things become extremely annoying after years or decades, and other times stuff just happens. Even so, most people try their best to work it out by cutting through the bad to get to the good.

A wife in China, though, took things in the opposite direction. Here’s one story that will surely leave the gentlemen squealing.

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This Japanese IME software really doesn’t want to get uninstalled

While Japan is moving to make the most of their coolness, the Chinese-made Japanese input system “Baidu IME” makes a move to guilt trip users into keeping it around.

See, if you ever decide that you don’t like the program and want to remove it, a pretty young woman will appear, begging, on your screen. Emotional black mail at its finest!

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Stranger than fiction: Jilted nurse stabs hospital boss with scalpel

As Oscar Wilde once quipped, “Life imitates art.” And sometimes the news imitates soap operas.

In a story that sounds like something right out of daytime TV, a jilted nurse in Osaka has been arrested after stabbing her lover–the hospital’s administrative head–with a scalpel after he talked about breaking up.

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A 2-D girlfriend to help keep your long, lonely drives safe

This year’s Automotive Engineering Exposition in Yokohama, Japan saw more than just cars, accessories, and robots; there was also a new 2-D girlfriend on display.

ZMP Inc. is a robotics and automotive company that creates “platforms for the development of next-generation vehicles” with an eye towards sensors and information management. For example, their RoboCars are outfitted with sensors and instruments that let you collect information about your car, like an airplane black box, as well as supplying weather information. They even used it to steer the car from a Windows tablet.

So, what’s this forward-thinking company’s next product? How about a digital girlfriend for your lonely drives!! Read More

How to get AmEx to pay for your fun time at the girly bar

After stealing his father’s credit card, one 16-year-old Japanese boy had the (questionably) brilliant idea of taking it for a spin around some “cabaret clubs,” racking up 5,500,000 yen (approximately US$53,300) in charges. His father, understandably, was not willing to the pay and went to court to dispute the bill from American Express.

And how did that turn out for him? Not bad, actually.

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Shield Your Rocket: Waterproofing a Smartphone with a Condom

I’m sure that there are those of you out there who use their smartphones in the tub. Soaking while you surf the Net and watch movies is just pure bliss, ain’t it? The bathtub smartphone is simply awesome! And slightly dangerous…

What you really need to pay attention to is waterproofing. Certainly there are special accessories and ziplock bags, but recently there’s been one…unique method running around the Internet rumor mills. What the hell am I talking about? Using condoms for waterproofing! Read More

Beautiful Cosplay Girl is Actually Nerdy Guy

Pictures of the cosplayer seen above have been making the rounds on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, being hailed as “just too cute!” Many women post pictures on the internet of themselves cosplaying and these new photos seem to be more of the same. That’s not to say that this young lady doesn’t look good, but at first glance, it doesn’t seem to be a buzzworthy image…that is until you see the pictures of this beautiful girl without makeup and costume.

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