The Words That Saved a Woman’s Life; “Get Up! It’s Time for Mahjong!”

We’ve heard similar stories before. A woman involved in a car crash falls into a coma. Doctors are unable to wake her and things begin to look bleak, until the voice of a loved one miraculously brings them back to consciousness. Here at Rocket News 24, we are especially interested in such amazing events. What set this story apart from the others though are the magic words that against all odds accomplished what medical science could not.

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Women In China Caught Faking Pregnancy To Get Priority Seating

Where else but China can you talk on your fake iPhone while checking email on your fake MacBook Air (both bought from a fake Apple Store) and eating fake pork chops with a side of fake eggs? The country that is on the cutting edge of forgery is also a commuter’s nightmare—just imagine trying to get a seat on a bus in a country of over one billion people!

Of course, where there’s a will, there’s a way to rip off: recently, a number of women in China have been caught faking pregnancy to get access to priority seating on trains and buses.

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Everyone’s Talking About Some Hot Chick’s Armpit Hair

So, everybody, what do you think when you see a girl’s armpit hair? Does it make a difference if she’s smoking hot? A lot of people would probably be surprised, and some of them might even reject her entirely over the matter.

Well, this has apparently become a big topic of conversation in China, where a pretty young woman bared her hairy pits to the world.
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Beautiful 14 Year Old Tibetan Model Looks Like She’s In Her 20’s, Could Be China’s Next Big International Supermodel

Supermodel of the World is an international supermodel contest hosted by Ford Models which invites young aspiring fashion models from over 50 countries to find new talent for the industry.

While past winners have been predominately from Caucasian countries, the past few years have seen girls from Asian countries—South Korea in 2008 and the Philippines in 2011—come out on top.

Recently, China seems to have found a new talent who may be good enough to become the first model from the country to take the title.

However, in addition to her beauty, there are two things about this newcomer that have made her a hot topic in China: one, she is Tibetan, and two,—brace yourself—she is only 14 years old. Read More

Chinese Morality Guidelines For Teachers Criticized For Not Being Relevant, Wouldn’t Be Read Even If They Were

It’s no secret that Chinese society places an excessive emphasis on academic records. Many parents believe that entrance into a good school corresponds to their children’s happiness. Some parents go so far as to bribe teachers to have their children’s grades raised and, in some extreme cases, teachers actually demand bribes from parents.

In such a society where the school teacher holds a unique position of power, it is crucial to foster a set of strong moral standards and ensure that teachers adhere to them.

Or you could go ahead and publish a wacky set of guidelines like those found in the Guangdong province’s “Teacher’s Professional Ethics Reader,” which contains all the ground rules you need to know to be an ethical teacher, including: “Gifts from parents and guardians must be returned within 24 hours,” “No photos of family members in the teachers room,” and “No vintage or worn jeans.” Read More

Expert Mode Toilet Found In China, One Mistake Surrounds You With Your Own Failure

Previously, we shared a series of images of Chinese public toilets so inconveniently-designed that we imagine most people would rather hold it until they get home.

Now, we’d like to share yet another image of a ridiculous public lavatory that has recently caused a splash on Chinese internet forums for being what can only be described as the expert mode of toilets. Read More

iPhone5 Sneaks Onto East Asian Market After All

The intense buildup to the iPhone5 ended with the unveiling of the iPhone4S. While we are certainly not disappointed with the improvements and functionality of this latest version of Apple madness, Chinese manufacturers of knock-off goods who jumped the gun can’t be too happy with their mountains of iPhone5 gear.

Of all the strange things they’ve slapped the iPhone5 logo onto, iPhone5 sneakers are creating the greatest stir on the ‘Net. Read More

Ultimate Condiment: We Thought We Knew Taberu Rayu, Then We Tried Lao Gan Ma

For the past two years, Japan has been hooked on taberu rayu, an edible version of the rayu chili oil often used in Chinese dishes. Taberu rayu, which literally means “rayu that can be eaten,” is less spicy than regular rayu and packed with a variety of goodies to give it more substance, such as fried garlic chips, fried onion and dried shrimp.

The condiment has become such a sensation that, in 2010, the word “taberu rayu” took 7th place in an annual ranking of the most significant phrases and words which entered the Japanese lexicon that year.

However, legend has it that while Japanese condiment makers were scrambling to jump on the taberu rayu bandwagon, the condiment had long since been perfected in its homeland of China.

When we learned that this legendary Chinese taberu rayu was available for purchase here in Japan, we wasted no time in securing a bottle for ourselves. Read More

Doing It Wrong: In People’s Republic of China, Confucius Award Peace Prize To You

In 2010, an organization in China established the Confucius Peace Prize in opposition to the awarding of a Nobel Peace Prize to dissident Liu Xiaobo in the same year.

The prize was ridiculed even within China and, in September 2011, the Chinese Ministry of Culture announced that the hosting organization would be stripped of authority and the prize scrapped.

Even so, the original organizers, ever determined to represent the famous Chinese philosopher’s vision of peace, decided to act on their own accord and soon formed a new committee, the China International Peace Studies Center in Hong Kong, which granted the second Confucius Peace Prize to everyone’s favorite Russian dictator: Vladimir Putin. Read More

Gnarly Chinese Public Toilets Make You Want to Hold It

I did my homework before embarking on a trip to China. One thing I’d heard about were public restrooms set up in ways unimaginable to us with respect to sanitation and privacy.

I found a thread on a Chinese Internet forum and was not disappointed. There were images of stalls with doors perched so high up that anyone could see your entire lower body just by walking by. I saw a stall with a door, but no wall. Most surprising of all was a toilet overflowing to the extent that it filled up the room with water and . . . I don’t even want to know. Read More

Chinese Rip-off Better Than iPhone!? “Apple? No…this is Orange.”

While the iPhone4S is selling like hot cakes in Hong Kong, most of mainland China has yet to see an official release date.

Even so, you won’t see the people of China upset about it, oh no: while the rest of the world plays with their shiny new apples, China was just delivered a fresh batch of organes—the iOrgane GT6, to be exact. Read More

Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ As Performed By a Group of Enthusiastic 70 Year Old Chinese People

If there’s one thing we like about old Chinese people, it’s that they’ve got spunk. Whether it’s getting up early in the morning and doing Tai Chi in the park or dressing in drag and dancing on the streets every evening, elderly Chinese people just don’t let their age get the best of them.

The men and women of the Funan Province Retired Seniors Activity Center Choir Group are a prime example of this geriatric gusto: the group, whose members’ average age is over 70, caused a sensation in China and abroad this year after performing an enthusiastic—and, frankly, bizarre—Chinese rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” on television. Read More

iShampo Goes On Sale In China, Claims Apple Endorsement

Sure China gets a bad rep for blatantly ripping off well-known brands – but, hey, at least they’re innovative about not innovating!

Take iShampo, which, if the bottle label claiming official an Apple license is to be believed, may be the world’s first collaboration between a tech company and hair care. Read More

Obama Fried Chicken Opens In Beijing

Scholars have long grappled with the question: “Who loves fried chicken more, African-Americans or Chinese people?” African American’s love of fried chicken is said to date back to the 19th century, when chicken was the only livestock slaves were allowed to raise. On the other hand, the Chinese have been frying chicken for centuries and their love for even Western variants on the dish is evident in the skyrocketing popularity of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the country.

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Compared to the reserved and soft-spoken Japanese, the Chinese are an enthusiastic people. When they’re happy they show it with unrestrained laughter and when they’re upset their temper often gets the best of them.

Because of this disposition, small arguments between complete strangers are nothing out of the ordinary in China. However, a video recently uploaded to Chinese video sharing site Youku shows one quarrel between two people on a subway train that quickly turns into a full-out brawl. Not only that, but the person who uploaded the video was polite enough to add combat sports-style commentary so users can follow the fight as it unfolds. Read More

Everyone is familiar with Sea-Monkeys: just by pouring the contents of an “instant life” packet in purified water, you can witness the miracle of life as a colony of Sea-Monkeys hatch right before your eyes.

While Sea-Monkeys have been around for years, a more recent novelty insta-life product called Magic Fish has been recently gaining popularity in Taiwan.

The Magic Fish instant fish kit contains a glass tank, a plastic cup and some tools, and packet of soil, salt and shrimp eggs. Pour the soil in the plastic cup, pour water over it and in anywhere from 15 minutes to a day, you will be the proud parent of your very own magic fish! Read More

Unofficial Chinese Steve Jobs Memorial iPhone4 Case Sells Like Mad

Soon after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ death was reported, a design featuring Job’s silhouette incorporated into the white Apple logo to appear as a bite went viral and spread rapidly across the internet.

The logo, thought up by Hong Kong graphic design student Jonathon Mak, was actually created after Jobs announced his resignation in August, but it didn’t receive much attention until after Jobs’ death.

Now, one enterprising Chinese company has printed the design on an iPhone4 case and put a limited number up for sale on Chinese internet shopping site Taobao, where it immediately started selling rapidly. Read More

They say that God creates no one perfect, but after laying eyes on 23 year old Chinese supermodel Ai Shangzen, we’re beginning to think that claim is debatable. Read More

China’s Anthropomorphic “Map Girls” Stretch Imagination, Constrained By Borders

In Japan, it’s fairly common to see internet users upload pictures of anthropomorphic characters based on technology or popular brands and products to message boards. It appears that a similar trend has recently become popular on Chinese boards, only that the things being personified are entire countries. Read More

Lady GaGa has gained international fame for her often-bizarre and always-dazzling performances.

In China, there is word on the street of a new performer in town who rivals Lady Gaga in audacity of dress and performance with one not-so-subtle difference – he’s a 70 year old man. Read More

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