We troll Japanese adult video site scam artists, because our reporter backs down from nobody【Vid】

An epic tale of pornography, revenge, alcohol, and pumpkins.

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Japanese models and Internet users celebrate Twintail Day 2017【Photos】

For fans of the girlish hairstyle, it’s like Christmas in February, with twintail cosplay photos on the Internet taking the place of presents under the tree.

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The true story behind the giant coffee mug/Starbucks’ refugee plan Internet meme

RocketNews24’s Mr. Sato went out for coffee, and somehow came back at the center of a political debate.

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The story behind some of the most and least successful video games in history

Mario rises in one corner, E.T. gets buried in another. This handy infographic explains it all.
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Why settle for an original? Artist paints over famous Ghibli scenes to add detail and texture

If your talent is in the minutiae, you should use those powers for awesomeness like this.

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One Piece and Ed, Edd n Eddy is the crossover we never knew we wanted until now 【Pics】

Will the Eds manage to become king of the… cul-de-sac?

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Japanese fashion fans and fan artists go gaga for sexy “virgin-killing sweater”

Ultra-revealing sweater may not be all that warm, but it sure is hot, as is the anime-style artwork it’s inspiring.

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Japanese gaming chair is blowing up on online retail sites and Twitter

If it looks like a chair and acts like a chair, but has over two million on back order, is it really just any ol’ chair?

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Fan-made “fierce” Pokémon art of original three starters makes a stunning case for a style change

If Nintendo ever wants to “reboot” the franchise to be grittier, we hope it looks like this.

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“Super Real Mario Odyssey” video ponders what trouble Mario may get into in upcoming Switch title

Mario can handle goombas and koopas, but what about cops and gangsters in the “real” world?

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Is Life Accordion to Trump the best video on the Internet? Japanese Twitter seems to think so!

The president-elect might want to adopt this instrument in real life.

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Cardcaptor Sakura LINE theme available now!

Transform the app into an environment perfect for Clow Cards and our heroine, Sakura.

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After 27 years, a secret technique for defeating enemies in Super Mario World has just been found

Big Boo doesn’t seem nearly as scary anymore.

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Taiwanese politician’s funeral procession honors him with dancing… pole dancing 【Video】

Years from now he may not be remembered for his life, but he will definitely be remembered for his death.

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Pet hamster shows off eloquent eating skills that puts most humans to shame

When someone says “you eat like an animal!” they probably didn’t mean this!

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Cheat sheet for identifying era of dress styles is perfect for cosplay and drawing reference

This timeline will help you create and identify dresses from any time period like a pro.

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Have a moving Hatsune Miku come to life inside your computer desktop background

Oh, hello there. What are you doing outside of the computer?

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Cat perfectly understands the value of sunshine in the winter months

Cat doesn’t have our tongue, but it is hogging up all the available sunlight.

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Dog’s response to other dog is perfectly acceptable…for a parkour athlete【Video】

Dogs are clearly man’s best friend, until they meet dog’s best friend: another dog.

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Happy New Year from RocketNews24!

Ordinarily, Japan has no problem working itself to the bone. That’s not the case at the start of the year, though, as the nation pauses to catch its breath and charge up for the months to come by visiting relatives, leisurely reading New Year’s cardseating osechi, and buying lucky bags.

While we at RocketNews24 like to think of ourselves as proficient multitaskers, even we’re not capable of getting much work done as we use both hands to stuff our faces with food or carry as many shopping bags as possible, and so we’ll be slowing down a bit as we take advantage of one of the few times Japan relaxes its hard-line stance against anything remotely resembling laziness. We hope you all get to do the same, regardless of where in the world you are.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to have even more great stuff for you whenever you visit our site in 2017!

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