Handtowels Featuring Woodblock Print Marvel Characters Too Awesome to Actually Use for Intended Purpose

A 17th century ukiyoe woodblock painting was recently uncovered by Japanese excavators depicting a futuristic robot that looks suspiciously like Marvel’s superhero, Ironman. The resemblance is so uncanny that we hear Marvel is trying to retroactively sue the artist’s descendents for copyright infringement.

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Latest Diet Trend: Flailing Around Like a Spaz

Apparently Japan is under the impression that Mattel’s Fijit Friends toy is actually America’s favorite new diet tool.

The below video – which we pray to God, Buddha and Zombie Jesus is a misguided parody of some kind – shows Japanese women going nuts over the new “fijiet” trend.

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School Kids from Tsunami-Struck Town Visit US to Convey Thanks and Strengthen Ties

Elementary and high school students from Miyagi Prefecture were given a special send off at Japan’s Narita Airport yesterday afternoon as they set off for the U.S. in order to convey messages of thanks for the efforts of those involved in relief operations following the 2011 earthquake and resulting tsunami in Northeast Japan.

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Why Foreign Businessmen are Receiving Lessons on Doing Business the Japanese Way

Below is an account from Sayaka, a reporter over at our sister site Pouch. It is an intriguing look at differences in business culture between Japan and the west. It makes one realize that there is no perfect business strategy as such but by incorporating the best parts from each culture, one can get pretty close to their own perfect business model. Moreover, Japan’s business culture has to be one of the most unique in the entire world.

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Evil Science: Splicing Actor Nicholas Cage with Pokémon Produces Terrifying Results

Some people love Pokémon. Some people love movies. And some people love actor and director Nicholas Cage. Quite why one creative individual decided that the Face/Off and Kick-Ass star would look good as a pocket monster, though, we have no idea. One thing’s for certain, though: Cagémon is at once wonderful and terrifying.

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Lunch Exchange: We Taste Test Japanese “Station Bentos” from New York’s Grand Central Station

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Tokyo Station as well as Grand Central Station, New York: two titans of transportation who have served their respective metropolises proud.

To honor this centennial, Grand Central hosted “Japan Week” which drew crowds to the already crowded terminal. Hearing of this, RocketNews24 sent a reporter to investigate the centerpiece of Japan Week; the ekiben counter!

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Nintendo’s Top Dog Takes Luigi to America Prior to Release of New 3DS Title

No doubt there to promote the release of new Nintendo 3DS game Luigi’s Mansion 2 (known as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon in the West), Shigeru Miyamoto – the creator of Super Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong among others – was spotted hanging out with staff from Nintendo America in New York yesterday, not to mention looking exceptionally green. If only he’d arrived a few days earlier, this get-up would have worked pretty well for Saint Patrick’s Day, too.

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NASA and JAXA Holding Manga Character Contest, Design a Mascot for their Mission

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are joining forces on the Global Precipitation Measurement Project (GPM Project).

Now that all the abbreviations are out of the way, the two space agencies are holding a manga character contest to find some 2-D spokespeople (or spokesthings) to represent this project in promotional and educational materials.

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Beautiful Works of Art Drawn on Starbucks Boards From the US and Japan 【Photo Gallery】

We’ve all seen them; the familiar pitch-black boards at Starbucks announcing the newest coffee flavors or the month’s specials. Usually there’s not much to look at, just some nicely scrawled letters and maybe a decent looking drawing of a Starbucks cup. But take a look at the picture above; it could almost pass as a painting in a museum. The black board above was spotted at the Starbucks in front of the Tokyo University of the Arts. We’re guessing the Starbucks worker who drew it is also an art student. Browsing the net, there are actually a surprising number of artists masquerading as baristas all over the world. Take a look at the most impressive pieces of art found on Starbucks boards from the US and Japan.

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College Survey: Number of Members in Japanese Music Groups Proportional to Level of Sucking 【Music Video Blowout】

A chart surface on the Internet recently titled: 100 American College Music Majors Analyze Japanese Musical Talent and the Relationship with the Number of Members.

How exactly this information came together is unknown, but the name suggests that 100 American music students were surveyed about several Japanese music acts past and present. Those results were then plotted against the number of members in each band.

The results certainly do suggest that there is a correlation between the number of members in a music act and the perceived crappiness of said act. So lets examine this more deeply with some samples and a translated version of the chart above.

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Fantastic Creatures Brought to Life by American Artist

Seeing these animals is like looking into a dream! Horned wolves, fire tail foxes and butterfly felines seemingly brought to life thanks to the creative work of American artist, Wood-Splitter-Lee.

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Help Select the Best Breasts in Japan: Miss Hooters Japan 2013, Vote Now!

55 contestants… 110 funbags!

Surely the main attraction of world-famous restaurant Hooters is the waitresses and their gigantic…appreciation for quality customer service. Now you can help select the cream of the Japanese Hooters crop in the Miss Hooters Japan 2013 by voting for your favourite “pair” online. The first round of voting runs from February 1-14, and the lucky finalists will be announced on the website Feb 16.

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Where No Kitty Has Gone Before… Amazing Video From a Middle School Science Project

Space: the final frontier. This is the voyage of a homemade rocket carrying the fearless Hello Kitty as its sole passenger. Its mission: to explore the effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature, and to boldly go where no Kitty has gone beforeRead More

American Make-Your-Own-Pancake Restaurant “Slappy Cakes” Imports Deliciousness to Japan *UPDATED*

Slappy Cakes is a popular pancake restaurant in Portland Oregon that lets customers create their own custom pancakes at their tables. It’s a fun time for those who want a completely new pancake experience. However, its popularity has resulted in some long wait times.

Luckily, Slappy Cakes’ success has allowed it to expand, but rather than add another location in Portland they decided to set up shop in completely uncharted DIY pancake house territory: Shinjuku, Tokyo. We sent Mr. Sato to a pre-opening demonstration for a report.

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Japanese Netizens are Disgusted by American School Lunches: “I’m glad I was born in Japan. Why is all their food one color!?”

“School lunch” and “healthy”; these two things don’t always go together. Despite numerous doctors and scientists stressing the importance of properly fueling the growing bodies of young children, budget cuts and time constraints (among other excuses) make it extremely difficult to deliver nutritious foods to schools.

When snapshots of American school lunches showed up on Japanese site Naver Matome, many Japanese citizens were horrified by the greasy slop masquerading as food that was strewn about the plastic lunch trays.

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North Korea’s Gruesome Propaganda Posters Portray US Military as Sadistic and Somewhat Zombified

Propaganda is an ugly art. History is full of distorted and racist imagery of one nation’s enemies during times of war. Looking back on them now we can chuckle at the absurd lengths people went to in an effort to instill hate in one another, but they often remain shocking nonetheless.

This series of paintings from North Korea surfaced on the internet around 2010, but it’s uncertain exactly when they were created. Judging by the American uniforms they’re most likely Korean War era. We can also see this by the one where US soldiers are depicted sawing open a guy’s head (they got lasers to do that nowadays).

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Surf While You Slurp: Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl Promises Relief for Singles

Salty tears roll down your cheeks as you spend yet another night alone eating instant ramen. You despondently stare at the ripples formed as you continue to sob into your noodles. The broth takes on a miserable taste you are all too familiar with.

Singles rejoice! Your nights of eating alone will be made a little less lonely thanks to this new invention: the anti-loneliness ramen bowl!

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Atomic Batteries for Sale on Chinese Website, Good for 20 Continuous Years of Pocket-Sized Nuclear Power

How would you like your smartphone to be powered by nuclear fission? Many people probably would not be comfortable with the idea of radioactive material in their shirt pocket.  However, they might change their tune to hear it doesn’t need charging or changing for two decades.

Tama-chan, a writer at Japanese news site Byokan Sunday,was perusing the Chinese shopping website when he came across just such a battery. It carries a hefty price tag but the benefits are frighteningly good.

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Pokebra! Make Your Lady Balls Sparkle With This Rhinestone Pokeball Bra!

You’ve never seen Pokeballs quite like this!

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Make Dinner an Undersea Adventure With These Realistic Jellyfish Lamps

In Japan, people generally eat jellyfish, not decorate with them, but if you are the kind of person who eschews conventional interior design, you’ll want to have a look at these charming hanging lamps made by California-based Roxy Russel Designs. Faithfully modeled on real jellyfish, these translucently luminous creations will enchant even the most jelly-phobic decorators. Read More

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