Nintendo announces New 2DS XL handheld, Japan gets exclusive color, elegant special edition【Vid】

Hot on the heels of the Switch, here comes another awesome-looking piece of Nintendo hardware.

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Hands on with the new Nintendo 2DS: Plenty of bang for not many bucks

The new Nintendo 2DS is out and we got our greedy little paws on the first one we could! Mmm…we love the smell of new game systems in the morning!

It’s not foldable and it doesn’t have a 3-D screen. On the other hand, it’ll play 3DS games with no problem and it’s significantly cheaper.

But is it worth your cold, hard cash? Find out below!

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Internet reacts to Nintendo’s new “2DS” portable design with clever Photoshop mockery

Yesterday we brought you news that Nintendo will be releasing a brand new version of its popular 3DS handheld console, this time featuring a flat, slate-style design but with its top screen’s 3-D functions removed. Dubbed the “2DS”, the console is aimed primarily at younger audiences and will be sold for some US$40-50 dollars less than its 3-D-enabled brethren.

Within just a few hours of its unveiling, however, images made by digital jokesters all over the world began appearing online showing Nintendo exactly what they thought of the new console’s unusual design. Here’s a sample of some of the best so far.

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Nintendo announces new “2DS” portable, Wii U deluxe gets a price cut

Early this morning, Nintendo of America announced that it will be bringing a new model of its Nintendo DS portable games console to the market. Meet the 2DS! 

The console will play all 3DS games and comes complete with the exact same features, except of course the top 3-D screen. Nintendo also revealed that its premium Wii U console will be getting a price cut.

Full details after the jump.

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