“Death Blog” Writer Aki Higashihara Strikes Again

Aki Higashihara simply can’t catch a break. No sooner is her blogging power blamed for the grounding of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners than a 8.0-magnitude earthquake occurs off the coast of the Solomon Islands, triggering a massive tsunami that has been confirmed to have left as many as six dead.

Over the years, the fashion idol’s blog has been linked to a multitude of accidents and disasters across Japan, with many claiming that her words are “cursed” to the point that whatever she innocently writes has a negative knock-on effect somewhere else, like an unintentional version of the acclaimed manga and animé series Death Note. But what on earth could this yummy mummy have written on her blog this time around to have the Japanese public dousing themselves with holy water and avoiding her gaze should their paths cross in the street?

Seven harmless little words: “I want to go to the sea!”

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