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Kentucky Fried Chicken has all-you-can-drink beer in Tokyo for less than 10 bucks

Cocktails, wine also part of unbeatable package.

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All-you-can-eat Yoshinoya and all-you-can-drink beer in Tokyo for less than 15 bucks

If you like beefbooze, or both, then this event is for you.

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Kimono to keep, dressing service, unlimited beer, one of Japan’s best views all in one package

Unbeatable deal in Yokohama includes full-course meal and your choice from over one hundred yukata and obi sash patterns.

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Japanese sushi train restaurant offers unlimited food, drinks and desserts for less than $15!

There are more than 80 mouthwatering dishes to choose from, including ramen, fries, chicken, and, of course, plates and plates of sushi.

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All-you-can drink beer, cocktails, and udon noodle meals in Tokyo restaurant for just nine bucks

Self-serve beer tap and shochu bottles keep the drinks flowing and the prices low.

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Tokyo’s green tea beer garden gives you all-you-can-drink matcha and hojicha beer this summer

Matcha wine, sausage, and desserts also on offer at elegant restaurant in the heart of the city.

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All-you-can-drink whisky cocktails for under a buck at seafood restaurant with branches in Tokyo

Grab a friend for one of Japan’s greatest unlimited booze offers ever.

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Awesome Tokyo ramen restaurant’s all-you-can-drink plans start at less than three bucks

Come for the unlimited beer, stay for the Japanese-style fried chicken (and probably the ramen).

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Amazing Tokyo restaurant offers all-you-can-drink beer plans starting at less than a buck

This may be the best deal ever for fans of beer and shochu sours who’re tight on cash and time.

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Unlimited kushiage skewers, stewed oden, and booze at this Tokyo restaurant for under 20 bucks

Come for the fried food and alcohol, stay for the traditional Japanese winter comfort cuisine.

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Tokyo’s Metropolitan Assembly Hall building is one of the cheapest places to drink in the city

All-you-can-drink beer costs just 600 yen (US$5.80), which will barely get you a single glass in many other Tokyo restaurants.

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Tokyo restaurant’s all-you-can-eat gyoza and all-you-can-drink beer starts at just 20 bucks

If you like delicious dumplings, cold beer, and having plenty of cash left in your wallet, you need to eat here.

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Kurand Sake Market opens Asakusa branch, Mr. Sato and Yoshio imbibe to their hearts’ content!

On September 2, Kurand Sake Market opened a new shop in the Asakusa district of Tokyo. This location is a sister branch to the original Kurand Sake Market which opened earlier this year in Ikebukuro, where sake lovers can sample 100 varieties of sake for 3,000 yen (US$24.64) per person with no time limit.

The Asakusa branch invited curious members of the media in for a sneak peek before its grand opening to the public, so we promptly sent our sake-loving reporters Mr. Sato, a veteran of the Ikebukuro shop, and Sailor Venus-cosplaying reporter extraordinaire Yoshio to check things out. But rather than write their opinions for each of the 30 individual brands they sampled, which would undoubtedly become tedious after a while, they decided to create a handy visual guide so that you can gauge their reactions to each cup with a picture, thus eliminating any language barriers in the process. Let the sake festivities begin!

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Japan’s largest all-you-can-eat-and-drink offer spans eight different restaurants in Osaka

Since 1 July, a small corner of the Chayamachi district in the downtown Umeda area of Osaka has been holding a huge deal: All-You-Can-Eat-and-Drink Alley. For a flat rate of 3,500 yen (US$28) you can have three hours to run wild and eat as much as you want from eight different restaurants in the alley, going back and forth among them freely.

Still not enough? Okay picky pants, how does also having all-you-can-drink of any drink from coffee to wine sound? We thought that would convince you! Let’s take a quick look at what’s in store (or stores rather) for you there.

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All-you-can-drink sake in the park as 23 brewers come to Tokyo for the Shibuya Sake Festival

Late spring is one of the few universally pleasant times to spend outdoors in Japan. The cold of winter and the heavy pollen counts of early spring are gone, and the heat and humidity of summer are yet to make their appearance.

Of course, some would say that no matter how nice the weather is outdoors, it’s even more comfortable to have a drink in hand. Next month, you’ll be able to scratch both those itches at once with the Shibuya Sake Festival in Tokyo’s Miyashita Park, where you can spend a day drinking as much as you’d like of more than 100 different kinds of sake.

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Drinkers’ paradise found at Tokyo restaurant-100 types of sake, all-you-can-drink, no time limit

A lot of bars and restaurants in Japan offer special deals where you can drink as much as you like for a certain amount of time, usually about two hours. The downside is these packages often don’t give you access to the full beverage menu. While beer and basic cocktails are generally included, if you’re in the mood for sake, you’re generally restricted to whatever the house brand is.

So we were excited when we heard about a new watering hole opening up in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood that lets you pick from 100 different types of sake for its all-you-can-drink plan, and even better, there’s no time limit.

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Calling All Boozehounds! All You Can Drink for 30 Minutes, Just 299 Yen!

The weekend is almost here! You’re off tomorrow, so how’s about hitting the bars? Come on, you’re probably sitting at your desk right now sneakily checking out your options for a post-work tipple.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: if you want to drink the good stuff and actually manage a buzz, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. Well, think again. Rocket News has found the best, cheapest nomihoudai in town.
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