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Animal cruelty on Mt. Fuji? We investigate horses in Japan’s tourist trade

A concerned reader recently contacted RocketNews24 with regard to what appears to be a case of animal cruelty on Mount Fuji. As animal lovers, we got right on the case and, while doing our research, found ourselves learning all about abuse issues related to horses and signs of neglect. Our research took us overseas to the U.S., where we sat down to interview a horse trainer who speaks candidly about the reasons animal cruelty is so hard to eliminate.

In this article, we address our reader’s concerns about horses being used to carry tourists from station to station on Mount Fuji. We’ll also learn about equine nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

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Animal rights groups unhappy as “hamster fishing” game spotted at summer festival

Summer festivals all have one thing in common: there’s always a ton of people at them. That also means there are plenty of exciting booths to spend your money at. Besides food stalls, there are some popular carnival-type games that you’ll find at festivals in Japan, most of which are classic games of skill and luck which reward you with a variety of prizes. Perhaps one of the most famous festival games is a goldfish scooping game called kingyo sukui.

This year, however a slightly different “fishing” game was spotted at a summer festival held in Osaka. As you might imagine from a game requiring participants to “fish” for live hamsters, it is certainly generating a wide range of reactions.

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FamilyMart cancels release of foie gras bento due to complaints over animal cruelty

Popular Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart has cancelled the release of a foie gras and beef patty bento ready meal due to customer complaints. While news of the cancellation will no doubt please animal rights supporters, some Japanese netizens have opposed the decision, arguing that the consumption of foie gras is no worse than the consumption of beef.

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Visitors to Jilin Ice Festival Shoot Arrows at Live Roosters

Coming just days after we brought you images of visitors at a zoo in China tormenting lions by throwing snowballs at them, we receive a collection of photos taken earlier this week showing tourists at China’s Jilin festival shooting arrows at live roosters tied to a wall of ice.

The brutal practice is allegedly part of the yearly festival where visitors are invited to pick up a bow and take a few shots at the squirming birds. Although some of the tourists reportedly refused to take part, there were others who, sadly, weren’t afraid to spill a little blood.

Some readers may find the following images disturbing.

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Visitors to a Zoo in China Pelt Innocent Lions with Snowballs for Fun

In a series of images released online earlier this week, a group of visitors to a zoo in Hangzhou, China, can be seen enjoying themselves by hurling snowballs at a defenseless lion and lioness in their enclosure.

The photos show snowballs hurtling toward the lions and exploding against their bodies as they stand feet below the cruel bombardiers, clearly distressed and with little more than angry roars with which to retaliate.

We must warn you that some readers may find the following images distressing.

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