Pokémon plushie of “Ash’s butt” enthralls the Japanese Internet

But the question of whether this piece of anime merchandise is actually a piece of tail is a matter of perspective.

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Brock and Misty will make their first Pokémon anime appearances in years next month

Long-awaited reunion between the Pokémon anime’s original trio of friends is finally happening.

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Through the Pokéyears: A reference chart for Ash’s design in each Pokémon anime generation

Pokémon’s leading man has gone through plenty of changes in his two decades of screen time.

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Special Ash cap Pikachu added to Pokémon GO for game’s first-birthday celebration

It’s not like Pikachu really needed to be any cuter, but he’s gotten an adorableness upgrade anyway.

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Ash has totally let himself go in the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime

It looks like all that time hitting the books has made the would-be Pokémon Master weak and flabby.

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Surrounding areas of Sakurajima doused in volcanic ash, so they’re hoping you’ll buy some! Hai! Douzo!

See those bright and chipper faces above? Those are residents of Tarumizu City in Kagoshima Prefecture. They’re understandably bummed since mother nature recently used their city as an ashtray as a record high plume erupted from the local Sakurajima volcano. Even the  rolled eyes of Sakurajima’s own Yuru-kyara mascot, Sakurajimon, belie his insincere smile.

However, there are some who couldn’t be happier for this monumental eruption. These people are the makers of canned volcanic ash from Sakurajima sold as Hai! Douzo!! for only 100 yen (US$1) a can!

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Yoshi Emerges from Active Volcano in Japan

Sakurajima is a well-known volcano in the South of Japan for its continuous activity that often blankets nearby towns in ash.  However, on the particular day that this photo was taken, something with even more star power popped out the mountain as if it were a polka dot egg.

Yes, what appears to be Nintendo’s hungry hungry dino, Yoshi, was photographed over the volcano one day.  At least most people in Japan see Yoshi… maybe we’re too accustomed to giant lizards towering over our cities.

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