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Pokémon GO now doctor-approved thanks to Tokyo University study

Results of first scientific study into Pokémon GO‘s health benefits reveal game lowers stress levels.

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New Japanese augmented-reality service lets you meet with deceased loved ones at their graves

What better way to say hi than by actually saying hi?

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Cafe in Japan will hook diners up with a virtual girlfriend to keep them company while they eat

Virtual idol Hatsune Miku takes time out from her busy schedule to sit down for some sweets in augmented reality event.

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Anime girls will keep you company as you eat your instant ramen with new AR promotion

So cute you could slurp them right up?

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Pokémon GO players in Japan discover strange new hybrid species of monsters in the game

Come with us as we introduce you to ten weird and wonderful mixed-breed Pokémon making trainers laugh around the country.

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Pokémon Go in Japan: We discover a “Pikachu forest” in Tokyo!

Three Pikachu and 15 other types of Pokémon were discovered in this well-known Tokyo park in just 30 minutes!

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Pokémon Go in Japan: 7 top sightseeing spots where you can catch Pokémon in Tokyo

Our Japanese reporter Mr. Sato visited these seven well-known tourist spots and captured 88 Pokémon in six hours.

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DIY Pokémon Go lifehack from Japan: rest tired arms with creative hands-free “Poké-Han” device

Arms tired from holding your smartphone in front of you all day? We’ll show you how to make this ingenious “Poké-Han mobile gaming accessory!

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Pokémon Go players discover unusual gym locations around Japan

From parks to university campuses and even a Sega building, here are some of the new Pokémon Go gym locations players have been finding around the country.

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Pokémon Go released in Japan? We spot a rare “Glasses Pikachu” at Tokyo’s Nintendo headquarters

Because if there’s one place you’d expect to find a rare Pokémon, it would have to be at their home in Tokyo.

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Before Pokémon Go, there was Ingress, and its first “XM-Profiler Illumination Portal” is in Japan

Ingress, the original augmented reality app from Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go, is taking over Tokyo with a holographic portal that lets you see the state of the game in real-time.

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6 things people in Japan should watch out for when Pokémon Go lands in the country

With the augmented reality world of Pokémon Go on its way to the Land of the Rising Sun, here are six things people in Japan should watch out for when the game hits its shores.

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Here’s how the awesome new Pokémon GO mobile game will look on your smartphone

Developers release new details about Pokémon gyms and team play.

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Mikuture, the Hatsune Miku app that brings our favorite CG idol into all the pictures【Photos】

The Vocaloid star has been secretly hiding in your smart phone, just waiting for the right application to let her loose.

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Updates on Nintendo’s revolutionary Pokémon Go: Gyms, teams, location-specific Pokémon and more

The augmented-reality smartphone Pokémon may actually live up to the insane hype.

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Disney plans to release augmented reality coloring book in the not-too-distant future

At some point in our childhoods, most of us probably owned a few coloring books to keep us entertained on rainy days or while traveling.

Although coloring is still a great way to boost a child’s imagination and improve motor skills, as digital technology continues to develop, fewer children are turning to coloring books to pass the time.

So in order to make coloring “cool” again, Disney decided to do a little research into what they could do to breathe some life back into this old pastime favorite.

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Want to see right through your car? Amazing video projection system lets drivers do just that

Almost all of my time behind the wheel has been in a small, two-seat convertible. This has really spoiled me, in that whenever I find myself in the driver’s seat of a fixed-top, full-sized car, I can’t help but wish for better visibility because of how many lines of sight get cut off by the car’s structure itself.

A team of Japanese researchers has solved this problem, though, with a clever system that allows the driver to see right through a car’s side panels and back seat.

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Sony shows off PlayStation 4 augmented reality with rubber ducks, dinosaurs, and Hatsune Miku

As we’ve said before, the PlayStation 4’s PlayStation Camera is a woefully underused device. Gamers who enjoy streaming footage of the games they play often use their cameras to capture their own expressions and add real-time commentary, and upcoming virtual reality headset Project Morpheus will make use of the unit to provide additional head tracking, but otherwise it gets relatively little love.

Fortunately, Sony Japan looks to be working on content that will inspire a few more PlayStation 4 owners to plug in their cameras. In two videos released last week, Sony staff show off their experiments with augmented reality, which combines real-world footage with computer-generated images that respond to a number of stimuli. These may only be tech demos, but the sight of a miniature T-rex hiding in the darkness, a man decanting water (complete with rubber duck!) between two virtual boxes, and even a short performance from a tiny Hatsune Miku on the living room rug left us thirsty for more.

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We Test Drive the World’s First Augmented Reality Car Navigation System “Cyber-Navi,” It’s as Good as We Hoped

In May 2012, Pioneer announced the newest model of Carrozzeria Cyber-Navi.  This breakthrough device, which is set to hit stores soon, has been getting a lot of buzz for moving car navigation from the dashboard to about 3 meters in front of your car.

I (Mr. Sato) was able to get an sneak peak test drive in a car equipped with a Cyber-Navi, and it was a surprisingly comfortable ride with clear visibility.

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Maybe, along with the drive to to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before, we also want to explore our minds and consciousness. And maybe inevitably that sometimes comes out to be inventing new ways to mess with our own heads. And so, the eggheads at Riken Research have developed the “Substitutional Reality System“. Read More