You normally wouldn’t expect a porn expo to be the scene of dramatic political and historical protests, but that seems to be what happened over the weekend at the Dalian International Adult Expo in China. Japanese AV actress Anju Kitagawa was greeted by flying eggs and plastic bottles, supposedly in protest of Japanese World War II crimes.

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Few words are as evocative and provoking as “porn”. Just saying it seems dirty somehow, and yet there aren’t many people who could truthfully say that they didn’t enjoy it at least a little. Especially when it comes to the gentlemen, for whom being a porn star seems like one of the most coveted occupations ever.

But is it really that great? A book released in Japan this year explores the Japanese AV (adult video) industry from the male perspective and reveals some surprising information.

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Wherever we go out into society, we are reminded to some degree of our gender. The most obvious example would be the male or female washrooms, or public baths. Similarly, the adult video corner in video and DVD rental shops is one which attracts what is predominantly a male customer base. Owing to this, the adult video rental corner is a place that has given rise to a rather peculiar phenomenon; something that is known as the ‘gentleman spirit’. Follow us as we explain all below!

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We’ve talked a lot about the Japanese adult video industry here at RocketNews24. As one of the world’s most lucrative adult industries, thousands of women pick up the latex gauntlet every single year in the hope of finding a life of glamour and fame, only for most to vanish into obscurity within their first 12 months in the business or discover that life on the other side of the lens is not quite what it seemed. But with more than 15 years and 1,000 adult movies under her garter belt, Tokyo-born porn star Yumi Kazama’s feisty antics are still somehow managing to set pulses racing across the country.

In an interview with Nikkan Spa! in order to promote her saucy new photo collection, the 33-year-old actress discusses how she first made it into the industry, the type of work she does and how she unintentionally became one of Japan’s most loved mature hotties.

The interview and NSFW images after the break.

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In post-WWII Japan, American-style striptease clubs became a thriving part of the sex entertainment industry, but now they are facing a crisis. During the years of rapid economic growth mid-century, more than 200 of this particular type of strip revue club could be found in the metropolises and hot spring resorts of Japan, but with the end of the bubble era, the number began to fall and has kept on falling. Today, only about 20 remain. The decline is partly due to the easy availability of idol videos and internet porn, but there are also causes within the industry itself, as one reporter found out. Are Japan’s strip clubs doomed? Read More

Each year, fewer and fewer university students in Japan succeed in finding a full-time job before graduation. Because of low graduate employment rates, many former university students are forced to take up part-time work as they continue their quest for full-time employment.  On the bright side, there seems to be plenty of odd jobs to go around in Japan and many of them are literally odd.

We’ve already reported on “cuddle café” workers, a career censoring genitalia, and a job scouting potential vending machine locationsTake a look at three more bizarre part-time jobs in Japan that you can apply for right now.

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Uta Kohaku is 20-year-old Japanese adult video (AV) actress who is known for looking strikingly similar to Atsuko Maeda, a wildly popular singer and former member of all-female idol group AKB48.

Like many other Japanese AV actresses, Uta regularly uses Twitter to connect with her fans, replying to their tweets directly or sharing sneak-peek snapshots of herself behind the scenes. One of her most recent tweets, however, has caught the attention of fans and non-fans alike for linking to an image that can only be described as “WTF Japan”.

The image is of the young porn star smiling innocently while holding up the peace sign and wearing a pink bathrobe, sitting among over 100 clear plastic bottles of semen.

We’ve seen enough Japanese porn to know where this is going…

Warning: The remainder of this post contains images of semen-filled plastic bottles. If that grosses you out, we ask that you proceed with caution.

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Japan currently stands among the oldest populations on the planet with around one quarter of its people over the age of 65. The effect this has on trends in media, fashion, and even love hotels can be seen everywhere in the country.

Even the porn industry is experiencing an unprecedented shift in demographics and taste. Currently fans of adult videos in Japan are clamoring for one thing only – more MILF porn.

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The other day I was at my local church group meeting enjoying a rollicking round of Lollipop Chainsaw, the wholesome coming of age video game that chronicles a young woman’s plight during a zombie outbreak.

However, just around the time I completed it I read that an… excuse me this is hard to deal with… an adult video based on the game will be released starring some young large-bosomed Japanese woman named Tia. Heaven help us.

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Earlier this month, Japanese video sharing site Niconico launched a new English interface in an attempt to make their content more accessible to the rest of the world. But while the promise of boundless Japanese lulz seems appealing, those unfamiliar with the site may struggle to find a reason to not just stick with YouTube.

The most notable feature and mainstay of the Niconico community are the embedded comments, which scroll across the screen as the video plays. This creates a sense of a shared watching experience by allowing viewers to respond directly to events occurring in the video with insightful commentary, such as “lol” and “wtf.” The problem is that most of the videos on the site are still in Japanese, which may be a turn-off for newcomers who can’t talk the talk.

Luckily, Niconico has been adding more content that should appeal to people universally, regardless of language barriers. For example, earlier this month, Niconico launched their first official adult video (AV) channel. You don’t need to know Japanese to understand what’s going on there! And think about the possibilities: thanks to Niconico’s scrolling comments and internet anonymity, the internet can now laugh at cheesy porn together— in real-time!

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Once upon a time, nobody read RocketNews24 because it was really really bad. RocketRevival is a weekly corner that takes a look at some of our more passable articles from a bygone era that still hold valuable lessons today.

It’s a well-known fact that romantic relationships with real women are incredibly inconvenient. You take them out on dates, pay for their meals, and do everything you can to keep them pleased—only to be kicked to the curb and have your pride crushed at the end of the day. Even if you did find that perfect girl, you’d be too nervous to talk to her in the first place!

Face it: it’s just easier to stay single. However, even those of us who are free from delusions of ‘romance’ may still fantasize of a little pleasant interaction with the opposite sex from time to time.

Now, thanks to Japanese DVD series Amateur Meal Time ~Let’s Eat Together!~, you can now fulfill that desire by enjoying the atmosphere of a dinner date without the hassle of actually having to meet a real woman! Read More

The woman you see in the image above is Mana Izumi, a 23-year-old Japanese adult video (AV) actress. Izumi made her AV debut in 2009 and has since made a name for herself as one of the most sought-after actresses sporting the gyaru style, a Japanese street fashion characterized by, among other things, bleached hair, a dark tan, and of course, lots of makeup.

You could say that Izumi has secured a stable position in the industry— a feat not easily accomplished, mind you—because of everything she wears. So it’s understandable that the only thing fans would want her to take off are her clothes, and that her reputation may have taken a hit when photos of Mana Izumi without any makeup was leaked on the internet earlier this week.

Take one more good look at the photo above, for what is once seen cannot be unseen.

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As political tensions between China and Japan continue to grow, it becomes ever more important for citizens of both countries to remain level-headed and remember that a nation’s actions do not always reflect the character of its people. Not all Chinese people have a taste for indiscriminate mob violence and not all Japanese people squirt mayonnaise on unsuspecting high school girls.

Luckily, Chinese web portal NetEase has put together an illustrated guide to addresses a number of misconceptions Chinese people have of Japanese people.

A noble initiative, to be sure, but for some reason the guide only touches on misconceptions of Japanese women. Well, as long as they help break down those harmful stereotypes inhibiting international understanding…

Take a look at what kind of cultural insights the diplomats at NetEase are offering their readers below.

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Perhaps the reason that so much fuss is made over the Japanese sex industry is that, in almost every other aspect of its society and culture, Japan is considered to be such an immensely safe, polite and altogether nice place to be.

The country whose tourists are often reputed to be among the most polite and agreeable, and where your lost mobile phone or wallet usually finds its way back to you, Japan would not be anyone’s first guess when asked “Which country has a booming, recession-defying porn industry?”

Be that as it may, the Japanese AV (adult video) industry, whose revenue comprised more than 20% of worldwide sales according to a 2006 survey, continues to grow every year. And with that growth comes an increasing number of young women who aspire to work in the industry, as reported here on RocketNews24 just a couple of weeks ago.

But with so many girls taking a shot at being AV stars and entering into this seemingly glamorous but equally shady profession, how do they go about their daily lives unnoticed? And what becomes of AV stars who leave the industry?

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Maria Ozawa is one of the most popular Japanese Adult Video (AV) actresses in the world. While she may not have half of China following her on Twitter like Sora Aoi, she does command a huge following in many countries across Asia, especially Southeast Aisa.

Indonesia, in particular, is crazy about the half French-Canadian half Japanese porn star. Known as “Miyabi” by local fans, Ozawa is so popular in the country that she has even appeared in two non-pornographic Indonesian films, one of which, titled Menculik Miyabi (“Kidnapping Miyabi”), is a comedy about two teenage Indonesia fans who kidnap Maria Ozawa while she’s vacationing in Indonesia only to end up learning valuable lessons about life, love and, most importantly, friendship.

However, Ozawa’s popularity among Indonesians has also become a point of controversy among right-wing Islamic groups (Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia and Muslims makes up over 80% of the population) and her appearance in Indonesian films have sparked heated protests from conservative groups, who denounced filmmakers for casting a foreign porn actress instead of a local actress.

Imagine their reaction, then, when it was discovered that a photo of Maria Ozawa was published in a middle school workbook earlier this month.

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The Japanese sex film, or adult video (AV), industry is big business. It’s said that around 20,000 videos are released annually and some Japanese AV actresses have achieved celebrity status even outside of Japan.

And it’s not just demand for Japanese skin flicks that’s thriving.

According to nonfiction writer Atsuhiko Nakamura, who has published several books based on interviews with AV actresses, the number of Japanese women seeking work in the adult video industry has increased dramatically over the past decade, with some 6000 girls making their debut every year.

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Are you a virgin? Have you never been touched by a woman? Do you think you would not be able to “hold out” if a lady touched you?

Then you are exactly who this Japanese adult site is looking for this summer!

Japanese Adult Video maker Soft on Demand Create (‘SODC’) have been searching for lonely virgin men (called dotei in Japanese) with lots of time on their hands (and something else on their hands?) to appear in an adult video with an unannounced Japanese porn star (most probably female).
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If you’re a fan of Japanese adult videos, you might notice that standard protocol is to blur out the parts between the legs.  Often times they use what’s called “mosaic” which are the ultra-ultra-low resolution sections of the screen that look like big squares.

Ever wonder who puts those little mosaics over naughty bits scene after scene? For a brief moment from 31 July to 8 August there was a chance to join this illustrious team of genitalia obscurers.

Although the moment has passed, check out the original job posting to see if you are cut out for this line of work.

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The following stories are true; only the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent – mostly myself.

Last month, an up and coming adult video star, let’s call her Savanna Bubbles, released her debut video which was number one with a bullet.  This girl had everything the industry craves with a knockout combination of being innocent faced and fully stacked.

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