Japanese ballerino cat dances his way into the hearts of millions across the globe【Pics】

Miruko is back, and he’s got a whole new set of moves!
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My Eyes! My Eyes! Spandex-Clad Dance Troupe Performs “Human Sushi” 【Video】

Get ready for some freaky culture, boys and girls! A very special Norwegian dance troupe is in town and they’re going where few have dared to go before: raw fish-themed foods!

Under the title of “Human Sushi”, this team of dancers performs three different sushi-themed dance routines, bringing nigiri-zushi (regular, oblong-shaped sushi) sashimi (strips of raw fish sans rice) and maki-zushi (roll sushi) to life- in frighteningly tight clothing.

Three videos to challenge your perceptions and invade your eyeballs after the break!

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