Japanese Kit Kat fans go crazy for new banana variety available only at Tokyo Station

With queues out the door for the new limited-edition Tokyo Banana Kit Kat, we grab a pack to see if it’s really worth all the hype.

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Japanese Kit Kats now come in Tokyo Banana flavour

The capital city’s most famous edible souvenir receives a Kit Kat makeover.

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ANA’s gluten-free meal? A single banana, allegedly

Have a banana? No joke.

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Proof that everything looks awesome anime-opening style, even a video of bananas【Video】

Awesome music video is an anime-style testament to the power of dreams, friendship, and probably potassium.

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In the evolution of pens, a “banana pen” is the obvious next step

We have a pen. We have a banana. Yeah, banapen!

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Time to go bananas for McDonald’s Japan’s chocolate banana smoothie and other new treats

This spring, the Golden Arches might look just a bit like yellow bananas.

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This changes everything: New device injects chocolate into bananas

Sliced bread. The smartphone. A computer that sits on your lap. The flying buttress. Occasionally, a new person or thing comes along that proves to be a total game changer; something that completely redefines the way you look at and interact with the world around you.

This unassuming device is one of those: A contraption that literally injects chocolate into a banana, forever rendering the humble banana into an amazing new food group and essentially negating any nutritional value the protein-packed fruit once had (not that this bothers us).

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Japan is going bananas over … bananas! We try new banana drinks from Starbucks and McDonald’s

When we first heard about the new banana-based Frappuccinos from Starbucks, we had a sneaky feeling that they just might be a big hit. Bananas have always been a popular fruit in Japan, after all, and the description of the two new Frappuccinos made them sound seriously mouthwatering.

Now that they’ve been on sale for over 10 days, it seems the banana Frappuccinos have been successful beyond everyone’s expectations, and with McDonald’s also having come out with original banana beverages as well, bananas appear to be the sizzling hot ingredient in the world of Japanese cafes at the moment. So, of course we had to look into what everyone was going bananas about!

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