Bandai Namco

Mario Kart makes the leap to virtual reality at new Tokyo VR entertainment center【Video】

Warm up those throwing arms, because it’ll take more than a button tap to chuck those Koopa shells.

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PlayStation VR user finds, shares ways of peeping at panties in schoolgirl tutor game【Video】

So, in his mind, does that mean he beat the game?

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New Tekken 7 Video Reveals Miguel as Playable Character

Character 1st appeared in Tekken 6 game

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Trying Virtual Reality for the first time at Bandai Namco’s VR Experience in Odaiba, Tokyo

Two of RocketNews24’s VR virgins get to grips with virtual reality—but does the new technology live up to the hype?

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Soon, you’ll be able to play Pac-Man in virtual reality for just a couple of bucks

A Japanese startup is working with Bandai Namco to rework the classic arcade game into an immersive virtual reality experience—using a touch-control VR headset that will cost under US$20.

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Man goes drum crazy with Taiko no Tatsujin performance equal parts awesome and hilarious 【Video】

A few years ago, I was talking to someone at a party who mentioned she’d taken up taiko, traditional Japanese drumming. She said that though she liked the musical and cultural aspects, what really had gotten her hooked was what great exercise it is. Playing the traditional instruments means striking their heads with an impressive amount of force, and when you add in the dynamic, dance-like nature of taiko performances, playing a few pieces seems like it should be at least as much of a workout as an aerobics session.

Of course, a lot of that physical aspect gets lost in the transition to taiko-themed video game Taiko no Tatsujin, right? Well, that may be the case for most gamers, but it’s definitely not for the guy in this video, as he dances, poses, and mugs for the camera like mad on his way to a high score.

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